Alparslan Season 1 In English

Alparslan Season 1 Episode 21 in English Subtitles

Alparslan Season 1 Episode 21 in English Subtitles

Alparslan Season 1 Episode 21 in English Subtitles Elias, I won’t hand you over. I have caught the man of Shahbaz and Gabriel. Now the word of justice will be above. To stop the perfection nobleman, Khazar has followed them. Where will you think؟ Hopefully, before the rise and something bad with Elias, they will come.

The order to attack the Calmies you made with Gabrie

l؟ Gabriel and you arranged to attack the Calmies together. Anyway because of your Elias stuck in the trap. I did not trap Elias. We planned everything together. And Elias killed Prince Corcott’s assistant. Still lying, the ominous dog. You were arrested with the Gabriel man Peru. Your lies are not going on us. Everything you and Gabriel arranged together. And then the accusation against Elias was dropped.

It will talk to Peru but

. We have to tighten it a little earlier. Together with Mr. Gabriel, we planned everything. And we sold it to the slave, Elias. I had already told you: Elias is caught in the trap. And said: Everyone’s strings are shaking. Did this assistant know of laying nets for Elias؟ He is also one of my men. Alparslan Season 1 Episode 20 in English Subtitles

How can you do that to me

؟ How can you cause me to be betrayed؟ If the calculation is necessary, they will do it. All the carelessness will receive their share of our wrath. Everything became clear. Elias is innocent. Christ Pasha is oblivious. And his assistant is a traitor. Do you have anything else to say؟

Justice became clear

. Leave it to Elias. Allah! Thank you. Thank you or the Lord. I will inform Prince Corcott that justice is clear. The decision is for you that. Give Elias his sword. You must punish this traitor, my lion. You caused me to bring all this torment. But I will punish you not for myself, but for my brothers and family. Everything happened in the conqueror of this Gabriel. Now I will send him your head.

Alparslan Season 1 Episode 21 in English Subtitles

So see what’s going to happen to him. This sword placed on your neck is not mine. Rather, there is the sword of many of these oppressed people, which caused the murder and killed them. Clutch Sahib, Shahin and many other oppressed victims took revenge. Christ Pasha, among us, opened these traitors and committed great negligence.

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