Alparslan Season 1 In English

Alparslan Season 1 Episode 9 in English Subtitles

Alparslan Season 1 Episode 9 in English Subtitles

Alparslan Season 1 Episode 9 in English Subtitles U.S. wanted to take revenge on me. Otherwise the bullet could have taken my comrades. I have warned you before. There is a snake entered by the Shahbaz between us. We expect the treacherous soldiers who attacked us to be commanded by Shahbaz.

Tomorrow will win the Luita War and take over the island

Trapped the mahazab in the trap and opening the pool of his betrayal. And then Shah Sanam will end, don’t worry. I am now going to organize the fleet for tomorrow’s war. The work of the first enemies should be done. Then we will do what happened to the traitors. Tomorrow’s war is very important. Don’t confuse your mind about me. I wish you would kill Mary when she was shot. So she probably wouldn’t be healed.Alparslan Season 1 Episode 9 in English Subtitles

I wanted to shoot her in the head but the bullet hit her shoulder

Mugger took revenge on the slap, not anything. Khazar and the eyes of the rise are upon me. I am deposed and waiting for the right opportunity to kill. And now get out of the back door. What did the rise and Christ Pasha talk about؟ The rise is said: You have allied with Gabriel and he will oust you and kill you. Pasha has sought evidence. He said Esha: After winning the Battle of Lvita Island, you will also come to the turn of ( Hibaz),

Sir No they will be able to finish me

Nor will Gabriel be able to defeat. Keep your job going. Although Pasha’s assistant, my loyalty is always with you, listen. The rise stood on its feet. And just didn’t. Rather, start preparing to take the island back. Go in all four directions to the island. The fleet of Christian troops is waiting for our signal. You will be the head of the moon, Alparslan Season 1 Episode 8 in English Subtitles

Babylon Don’t worry, it’s not just our

Rather, all the Crusades against the Turks have become war in the world. I will drive this ship and show everyone who owns the Mediterranean. They also have a fleet given by Prince Korquat, Janab. Can beat our ships from this fleet. No one can beat us. Whether it’s a running. I have sent them trouble. A fighter has sent a lee of. Before the war begins, they will be amazed at what is happening to them. The Turks and the Khazar fleet will burn them to ashes.Alparslan Season 1 Episode 9 in English Subtitles

The fleet has been pulled from the northern Gulf

If you have finished the fleet, you will not be able to win the war. Nor will Lita be able to take the island. When you are trying to end me. So in the meantime I’ll put you in the dust. Prince Corcott’s fleet dedicated to us has drawn to the northern Gulf, Niko. Go with the soldiers to follow the Estasians who specialize in ships. Before the war began tomorrow, the flaws should be removed. This fleet is the main center of the island war tomorrow.

By tomorrow all the flaws will be removed No harm will be allowed

They cannot attack us from the sea by the Gulf of Ass. Until tomorrow, all ships will be built. Shabash Spahio. The fire revived my soul. I did what I could do as a “tax defender. Now they can’t help from the sea. Do you have people to burn the fleet and finish؟ No one can stop the river of hell. First of all, shed their blood. Then burn the ships and burn the ashes. A dog named Shahbaz, is still bothering me.Alparslan Season 1 Episode 9 in English Subtitles

If he had another betrayal before the Battle of Lloya Island

So everything will be ruined. Christ Pasha should have been proof of oppression. By the command of Allah, Lota will win the war on the island tomorrow and take over the island. Then he will destroy the mahorah and expose his betrayal. If you come and show the power of the Ottoman Empire. So Christ Pasha did not run the order that is the remnant of the Byzantines. We must now focus on the LeVita Island War tomorrow.

The war must be won and the island must be captured

Perry. Maybe the rest of the things will be right later. Detectives have sent information.. Of course, they will attack Khushki when they understand that they cannot attack from the sea. Can’t go to war without this fleet tomorrow, Perry. We have to stop them now, come on. Hell River ( The river of Hell ). I have come to burn you all. Warriors of Hell.

Alparslan Season 1 Episode 9 in English Subtitles Burn all Turkish ships. They will burn the fleet. His name was “Last River. Apparently he was a man of Gabriel.

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