If You Fall Asleep These Yoga Poses Can Help

If You Fall Asleep These Yoga Poses Can Help

If You Fall Asleep These Yoga Poses Can Help Do you have trouble sleeping? But if these cues aren’t enough and you’re still having trouble closing your eyes, yoga could prove to be the key to a better night’s sleep.
With or without a yoga mat, these poses are for everyone at night.

Does yoga really help you sleep?

Yoga, like any exercise, can help your brain relax and decompress from the day. Studies show that people who practice yoga may exhibit lower cortisol levels, stress hormones. The same findings concluded that yoga had the same effect on depression as antidepressants..
What does this mean for your sleep? Good thing, cortisol levels have been found to have a direct correlation with your sleep.. Sleeping with high levels of cortisol in the blood is often difficult. A 2019 study suggests that practicing yoga has a positive effect on treating and improving insomnia.

Top 8 yoga poses to do before bed

These poses are suitable for all experience levels and are quite easy for beginner yogis.. As you move between these poses, remember to pay attention to your breath and where you feel most tension in your body. Move into these poses for about 20 to 30 minutes before bed.

1. Lizard pose

To get into this pose, start in a push-up position with your arms shoulder-width apart, moving forward with your palms. Gotta have your legs straight behind you and behind your toes. Then, leaning down on your arms near the floor, moving your elbows below your shoulders. Kneel behind your shoulder, bring your left or right leg for a hug to your side. Make sure your head is connected to your spine and relax your core. Stretch both sides before continuing.

2. Onwards and upwards.

This pose is as easy as standing straight and twisting to reach your fingertips. If you can, put your hands on the floor. If you can’t touch your fingers, you can hold your knees half way forward. Looking for a challenge? Try to reach and grab your ankles. Make sure your back is straight and you breathe deeply.
The bridge is worth it
Start by lying on your back straight and on the floor with your legs and arms. Take a deep breath, lift your core off the floor and bring your arms closer to your body to balance yourself. Your hands can be flat or you can collect them under your trunk.

3. Happy baby

An easy pose to adopt after the bridge – start doing this pose on your back. Lift your legs to the ceiling and pass your shoulders a little (or as far as you can).  Slowly rock left and right to relieve tension in lower back.If You Fall Asleep, These Yoga Poses Can Help.

5. Legs with the wall

You need to clean the area next to the wall for this pose. Facing the wall, lay on your back and walk with your legs up or raise your hips with your arms. Your hips can be against the wall or slightly off. Once you are in a comfortable and comfortable place and feel like you can balance yourself, stretch your arms around you. This pose is great for de-pressure and improving your circulation.Kurulusosman

6. Kids later

You can start this pose by kneeling or getting all squares. Put your feet below your hips and bring your head closer to the floor. Expanding your circulation, reach your hands in front of you.

7. Sitting and turning

Sit down and spread your legs in front of you if you come out of the kids area for the next one. Cross one leg over the other, pulling the heel of the cross leg out of your thigh. With the opposite arm, cross your body and twist around moving forward with your elbow on raised knee. Turn around and take a breath. Repeat from the other side before continuing.Kurulusosman

8. The butterfly is in the trap

While sitting position, straighten out your currency and press down your two feet together. Place your hands to your feet, try to push your hips into the floor as much as you can.. The further you go, the more it happens. If you’re looking for more challenge, bring your feet closer to your body.
The information provided in this article is for educational and informative purposes only and is not intended to form medical or health advice purposes. Always consult a physician or other healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding medical condition or health goals.If You Fall Asleep These Yoga Poses Can Help

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