Kurulus Osman Season 2 In English

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 28 In English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 28 In English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 28 In English Subtitles Of course ⁇ Devgen and Kikauminos. Want to get rid of the general as soon as possible. Want to be mugger. What is the cause of it؟ Because Ducas has asked Constantinople to become his wife. Despite being a giant. The emperor’s letter has reached him today. Now the new one is Dukas.

Of course it’s not news yet Topner

it should be in the knowledge of the general as soon as possible. What good do we have؟ A woman will benefit us in the face of the word. Of course ⁇ with your help. What do you want to do to me Holy Prophet؟ Together with Maria, you overcame all the difficulties. Now it’s time to kill Ducas. .Sir The person you want to kill me. He is a Roman general.

Don’t you think it’s better to do this alone of me

If the soldiers sent to me did not control their languages well. So the outcome of this matter will be very bad. A few people must protect your back. This is the last chance to kill Dukas. And we can’t take any risks. Your concern is al-Papagot. First you will kill Dukas and then to the soldiers with you. .Sir Soldiers of our mother for the Holy Room. Best Tonight you will get out on an important mission. The mission will be headed by Alpagot. Don’t discuss his orders. And the letters will bring the sea right.

Come on Akcha Woman  work is easy

Thanks. Alp Arsalan is ordered to treat the general’s wounds. Open the door so I can go in. – Wound, on his arm is Akcha Woman.- No door open; You can inspect from outside Zandan. Okay fine. Get your injured arm out. It can’t make me feel like I’m inside the cage. Go to your place. Maria. Help me escape. First I have to get the extra key to Zandan. When bringing dinner, I will bring it under the bread. What will happen to the guard؟ Somehow, I will remove the guard. General.

Get out of here and run west

There you will find a horse prepared for yourself. But the work after that is yours. Hope your success. That’s how Hoonatclif is in your life. While Caesar has deployed you with Vasporakan. What do you want to say؟ News from Caesar؟ Absolutely. Caesar wrote a letter to Baba. In which, immediately after your arrest, you are asked to deploy. I should go. Vasporakan The fodder is over.

Clean water we set aside for soldiers

And the muddy water gave to the horses. .Sir The condition of the rest of the horses is no different. If we didn’t get any way. So over time everyone will die. Of course ⁇ we are sad for the soldiers. Magger. When the brave blows his horse. Or God. When Tuk’s horse dies. So his eyes do not see hunger and thirst. And then. We will not even find a soldier standing firmly. My nephew Alp Arslan. To break this siege, someone will take a way. First Bozan thought he had done our job.

When the matter was reversed thanks to the expertise of Alp Arcelan Sahib

So Bozan’s plan was enormous. Evidence of Bozan’s betrayal from the beginning of the Alp Arsalan. Looking for, Mr. Bator That’s how good it is to have this issue. Hope the Shhoor daughter sees it now. That his brother is right. .Sir .Welcome to Jaturi What happened؟ Tell us. Right now we were talking to the chiefs about it. We did everything according to your orders. And Bozan’s treacherous tactics were inflicted on everyone. Peace be upon you. So, of course,

My sister must have told Sultan Modd

. This time the bozan will end. .In Shallah It can be dangerous to arrest Bozan in Boost. Sultan Moazim, my request to his Khonad Sultan Modak Hazrat is that. A place away from Bozan in Ghazni. Cut off his breath. Inviting your death from your language, you are Shhor Sultana. Now we are responsible that. Preparing for your end. استا. It’s time to make Prince Masood Sultan Masood.

First In this mortal life the painters of his father Moddak should end

. Will Sultan kill Moddak, shall we؟ This. How will this be our great insult؟ There is no way we have. Nor is I come back. We will keep Shhur under us. Before he hurts us. First, Sultan Modd will die. And then. Prince Masood will have ascended boards. And then we will take her mother in our hands. Shhoor. The key to this blessed empire that we dreamed of. استا. What are you waiting for؟

Immediately Go to Sultan Modd

And do what is necessary. Which is your command of great obscurity. Maro tribe Absolutely. Alp Arcelan is right. Because of your courageous and beautiful heart. To the forefathers, without a single testimony we will be able to wit Violate the order of Chaghari Sahib؟ How do I know that this is really the order of the man  O’Real food will bring her. I am the wife of the prince.

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 28 In English Subtitles

This man will not be given a piece of dry bread and no food. Die hungry. But this is the order of the Holy Prophet. If the Akcha woman Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 27 In English Subtitles brings another meal, how can I stop؟ I will stop, you are not. What do I do now؟ Finally. For a moment it seemed that you would not succeed and retreat. hurry up. Run straight from my stated direction, Fora.

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