Kurulus Osman Season 2 In English

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 29 In English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 29 In English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 29 In English Subtitles Be safe Maria. Sorry, it was my compulsion to do that. Where is Akcha woman؟ She is cooking for this infidel and you are blindfolding. What are you saying, Caraja lady؟ What does it mean to jump on my tent without permission and run it؟ The reason is well known, you but. You are once protecting the Holy Traitor Akcha.

Pay attention to your point

You are not blaming the Perf Akcha woman, as well as me. That snake is deceiving you all. – Enough. – Moreover, stop waving the blessing in this way. Give me this. Is a blessing this. He escaped, he escaped. Run, run. He escaped, hurry up. Run, run. Hurry up, the guard was killed and escaped. Hurry up – ..Akcha- He has escaped to the infidel, I’m sure.

Where are you a traitorous woman

Where are you؟ M Bozan, the uprising in Boost has ignited. Now don’t send them to the bottom of hell. Nor will the fire cool, nor will it be less painful in the heart. The limit is over. Why didn’t I recognize this devil for so long؟ In human case, it is Ablis. How can Solomon know؟ Quarantine curses will only break down when Bozan dies. We have no way to walk this path.Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 29 In English Subtitles

What are you thinking

Going to the palace of Baust. What are you saying Alp Arcelan؟ Bozan knows we won’t sit comfortably. The separation in the city must have been spread. In this case, it is difficult to leave the palace, even enter the city. That’s right, Solomon. There is a way to enter the Migrar palace. I will become a prisoner. ..Alp Arcelan If before yesterday, they have to get rid of the Qur’an.

So there will be a great risk

And there is no way. Well, became a prisoner, then what would happen؟ How will Bozan reach؟ I don’t have him, he’ll come to me. We will be hunted. Listen to my imprisonment. I will come up with a chance to tell my success before I enter my life. And then I imprisoned him and liberated Baji and nephew. I will take his life. If that didn’t happen. Don’t worry brother.

So it will be exchanged with Baji and nephew

Bozan wants to establish his empire permanently in the economy. Mager, he knows that the Ghazni Empire will not allow that to happen. The conflict of the Ghazni throne will remain in its advantage. That’s why princes need it. Now, we have to get to the best immediately. As much as possible, the quarantine will be removed. As soon as I am imprisoned, the tribes will return. Shabash. You are the Johnny enemy of Bozan. You will not deliberately jump into danger.

The wolf has come down from the mountains

now the gidks should be afraid of Solomon. Shabash. What did you see. What is written؟ The color of your face has changed. Tell me what is written؟ Either play his tongue or then. The mother must get out of there. Whatever the price has to pay. Al-Pagot, stay calm. Remember what I said. To stay calm, to get a chance. What a calm, the mother is inside, will be full. Until you get what you mean, they won’t be able to kill. Be anxious. I’m wondering how she will be after watching the carpet.Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 29 In English Subtitles

Bast City Ghazni has been the subject and the army has been damaged

Now it is forbidden for us to breathe until we take into account this oppression. Alp Arslan. Let me go to Bozan. Maybe I can please him somehow. Do you think that will trust you؟ No need to increase, I’ll go. Come on, drive, run. Look who’s here. The sons of Chaghari Sahib, Alp Arsalan and Solomon. Arrest both alive.

Great insults will deal with them themselves

Immediately after my imprisonment, the tribe must return. My message. Wait for Solomon. let’s go. What is this Solomon doing؟ My place is endangering itself. If I don’t come back until tomorrow. Soakah heard sorry. Solomon. These are the rest of the people, they can’t leave Solomon. .Solomon Take it. Solomon. Fight, Praise Allah. You have asked on this carpet.Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 29 In English Subtitles

What is written؟ Immediately open the language

, I will kill here. Wait. The palace of the province of Bost Treasoned me. Who will save me now؟ Now tell me, the slain crown of the Seljuki Empire. Where are my sister and nephews Bozan؟ I want to meet them, right away. If. Concern your life. And you. Do you think that you sit on the throne now it will protect you؟ Dad Chaghri Sahib is a helper. And by becoming the Sultan of Ghazni of the strong Crown Prince, such as Abdul Rashid. Don’t look scared؟ If Chaghri Sahib, find Abdul Rashid.

So help Abdul Rashid and the rest of the soldiers are about to arrive in Maro

Bozan. What do you understand the meaning of being bustled with Alp Arcelan؟ Immediately ⁇ a servant. Whether or not information is correct, apply. As I said Bozan. Also, Sahib, to protect his daughter Shhoor and nephew Masood. Will not send troops؟ Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 28 In English Subtitles Also, Chacha Gharal. What would have been your decision to breathe, not with the sword, from politics. So when would it be. As much as you can fight the Ghaznvi army and the Aali Seljuk army. Be a man with a strong liver, we don’t know.Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 29 In English Subtitles

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