Kurulus Osman Season 2 In English

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 30 In English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 30 In English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 30 In English Subtitles They will not have any hay, great deception؟ In this issue, you have heard Sultan Tigrar’s opinion, Jawad. Were you with him when he spoke to Solomon؟ The flood does not want the war to ignite the lands of Ghazni. If the matter were the opposite, when would they have come with their own sons.

Great nonsense Mosul’s Abraham Anal Sahib wants to see you

I have come to congratulate my new empire, Annal Sahib؟ Patience. Even the reason for my arrival is John. Look, Amir Bozan. Sultan Bozan, Sultan. Bozan. Your ideology and practical application of Islam as Qur’an is different from us. And your beliefs are false to us. Is Perf come to tell you all this؟ That’s why it says you know. Your beliefs are not important to me.

The idea of being a free, permanent and separate state from the Ghazni Empire of Baust is the right decision

Of course, you are running behind a trick like your nephew Solomon. Abraham Anal, the son of Joseph Anal, stands before you, Bolzan. You are talking but. Your mouth speaks brother follows the orders of Chagari Sahib instead of you. From the Seljukites whose race is separated from the clear blood, I am the son of this Joseph Anal. Not born yesterday.Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 30 In English Subtitles

Your presence in the buzz, rule and your power is more useful to me

Magger. We know that your soldiers between Boost and Iraq are in a state of fragmentation. First of all, they have to reunite and collect a place. Migrar, not your separation, nor Ghazni, nor Iraqi lands. Nor can anyone pass through other routes. The only way to collect the seeds in the buzz. The lands in my jurisdiction and pass through Mosul.

That is why your rule cannot be strengthened until I allow it

What are you in Tag Vado؟ First tell you. Why are you doing such good to me؟ Bozan to take your right. If you did not become powerful in the bust. So Alp Arcelan will soon take it away from you. And the force here will be mixed with you. Presence with the addition of the power of the Alp Arcelan trying to make progress on the path of the throne.Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 30 In English Subtitles

Nor will it be in your interest and not in my interest

I know that Sultan Gharal Ghaznvi does not want to lock me with me on the lands. You can’t scare me, the Seljuki army at all. Well know that by laying a trap in Haila, Makar or any other, you can’t drop me off. Put it in Zandan. The leader and Alp Arsalan will go beyond the Sultan’s order to cut your head. All decisions in the Maro tribe are in the hands of Chagari Sahib. Even with the order of the Sultan, they can attack in the east direction. Don’t consider yourself safe.

You will be very happy not to trust me

What to do now sir؟ Alp Arcelan Sahib. You. I saw you leave the tribe. What is Akcha woman for me again without bringing me to my knowledge؟ Wasporacan To Amir Bozan. I still don’t understand, listen. That he is still our enemy or friend؟ stabbed us in the back many times. Don’t you think so stubborn؟ The Seljukes took us to the base. If we don’t help Amir Bozan, they will take the buzz in the same way. That’s what happened. It’s too low. Al-Pagot has sent me the news, something to tell him.

Of course, the problem is important when he is coming at the moment

Still, I should have told you when you came here. You will be a pig, I did not bother you, sir. .Akcha woman When have you hidden something from us that we have in trouble. If you have a timely mat issue. If I had been told, I would never have let the Akinai mother be kidnapped. I thought I had solved the problem myself, sir. Akinai’s mother is now suspected of having al-Papagot in Vasporakan.

See how we can keep them in the tribe with such doubts

Alpagot Alpagot. Ok you؟ no. Not well. I was going to kill the mother. How are they, right؟ Akinai’s mother is fine, don’t worry. They know I’m alive. And now knowing that despite my survival, she can’t reach me, she will die alive. She will look like me. In the castle they will not leave without finding the owner of the mat. Before the arrows turn to you, we have to plan. How will it be؟ No one in Byzantine soldiers After we get it, he will not leave us cursed alive.Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 30 In English Subtitles

Don’t hand us over. Be careless.

Bozan doesn’t want to kill you. Rather, he wants to send to Ghazni to you. Because that’s what is the reformer for it. Don’t worry. We will send a contingent to protect you. Why hasn’t this caravan come yet؟ You can’t wait sir. Of course ⁇ your mind is engaged in an exchange case. Absolutely sir. Absolutely. Finally come. Shabash Azo. Pull it, pull it. Tie well, keep it. The time is near Gok Alp. Complete the preparations quickly. Which is your order, sir.

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 30 In English Subtitles

Welcome to Annal Sahib Thanks nephew. What’s the matter؟ Who are you preparing؟ We, Nial, are going to be the head of this bozan curse. We’ve heard Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 29 In English Subtitles you’ve been in Ray for some time. My Sultan brother sent you to find out the situation؟ Our Sultan. Ghazni does not want bloodshed on the sars. Want to solve this problem diplomatically. That’s what you say, Mr. Chaghri. All I think of is that I have told my brother Sultan.

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