Kurulus Osman Season 2 In English

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 33 In English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 33 In English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 33 In English Subtitles And I’m sure the only solution to this issue. Bozan is to kill the curse. .Billion Is there any news from my daughter؟ Unfortunately there is no news, Seljan woman. Be patient. Of course we will meet our daughter Shhoor. I have checked the hands of all the soldiers in the castle. Mr. Commandant. As Maria said.

This is the one whose left hand is a sign of burning

Akinai’s son Akin. Good you. You own this carpet. crap, dog.There is no need to insist on this, sir. The Turks never open secrets. .Sir crap, dog. So that was the traitor who wrote the news of the siege and sent it with this pigeon as we had dropped.

Devgen You are following Hassan’s end. Right

Absolutely commandant sir. Magger. The good news will be to Maria before us. Because this rift is with him in the tribe. I do not understand. If Bozan got his point. So the beauty of us who run away from us. Today will be the last day. Probably. This is his last watches. Yes, Maria. As soon as you know the result, I am waiting for you in Vasporakan to tell us. Understanding daughter؟ All right, Baba. Before my absence came to my sight, I am returning to the tribe. It will leave the palace shortly after. Chasing and attacking their weakest moment. Prescription from Ghazni Hazrat. Fresh events in Boost delayed.Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 33 In English Subtitles

Even if the impact of this reduction is reduced

It is important to write a denial of the Qur’anic as soon as possible. As much as the temptation of the Qur’an is spreading rapidly. They must end in the buzz as soon as possible. My Sultan. Saying right, Haji. .Hassan Sahib You handle this matter. Copying ( Photocopying ) Create copies of the first reaction and then edit it. Which your order is our Sultan. Atsis. Order sir.

I have an order Immediately in the bust the blessed flag of Aali Seljuk should be waved

Here be a sermon called Khrasan ruler Chaghri Sahib and a coin to be made. The order that sir. We felt that your fight was with cursed Qur’an. Who have done all kinds of oppression. We thought that’s why Bozan’s neck was cut. Your target is not the neck of this humiliation. Rather, the Baust is the throne of the nephew. Nall sir. As I said, now the land of the buzz.

Sahib of Chaghari Muhammad Alp is not of Arsalan

but the Basas himself of Khrasan ruler. You also know that the deputy is like the original. Currently, time is not to talk about the owner or deputy. Baji’s burial, this good news is being awaited. Only when these curses are over. The good news will be complete. Kutai. Bring Bozan’s men by searching. Immediately. Cool. It’s been a long time. Bozan, if not to reach the dust of help . We should have known. This silence doesn’t sound right to me. Get up the bodies, send the castle message.Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 33 In English Subtitles

We are going to be stupid

The order that sir. Let’s get ready, on the hars. Look everywhere, sir, Mager has no idea, sir. Look at the good. That is, Bozan’s servant has fled during the battle. Not even present in the bodies. The snake’s head was full. The lower torso remains. He will also be taken over. Arthak. Find out from the designated sides of the palace’s guard. I have seen someone come and come. My daughter, Shhoor’s killer Bozan, is getting news from the tribe. Find out what a traitor is. So that our plans can be brought to the fore by all the thwarter. It is our responsibility to punish him. Baba.

While planning us, Karaja was with me all night

That is, if there is any doubt in your mind. Solomon, what are you saying. We don’t care about our late daughter and Karaja. Thanks Baba. Karaja is also my daughter. I can’t even think of being a traitor. Beware, say this in front of him or someone else. The girl is hopeful, she will be sad. Caraja. Okay fine؟ Well, just getting nauseous. Come on, come on. Caraja. Karaja, why do you get up؟ Should have rested. Come on. Bozan was quarantine, so he was this brother.Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 33 In English Subtitles

That’s why it’s sad

How long will Masood keep the matter secret؟ Dad didn’t have forty days to die, the child has lost his mother. Not easy at all. Magger. According to the law, it will be appropriate to state. May God be patient. And good luck. All came, why didn’t the mother come, Sultan؟ Where are they؟ Let’s go, my lion, Nana, Nawasa gossip in solitude. Ray City Don’t forget. Whatever we are in. We also have a deliver on this situation. O change of circumstances.

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 33 In English Subtitles

Turn our situation into the best conditions. You keep this prayer in the language. That’s how it will be in them. Will put on both heart and tongue. Thanks. Have mercy. Don’t miss the healing. Get us out of the well of Hasrat, my Allah. Eboky. Eboky. Baba. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 32 In English Subtitles Your dear Aboki is here. To you. That’s how Maria is, the gaze of your abandonment in the sword. Maria is also the Turkish name Alpagot؟ Told me everything. Mager did not tell me my real name from my parents.

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