Kurulus Osman Season 2 In English

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 46 In English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 46 In English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 46 In English Subtitles You have no right to kill my brother. Escape from prison and Elias has pleaded guilty. Also kidnapped my assistant. From now on, Elias is a rebel against the state. And I have the option to shoot Elias. You can’t stop me either. I will shoot Elias wherever he sees. Elias added an accusation against his escape from prison.

Sadly, Christ Pasha has been right about it

The only thing is in our bus. Elias must be found before Christ Pasha. Immediately with the soldiers, I will find Elias. Will bring you right away when you meet. Everyone is chasing Elias. Did he catch it؟ Do you have information؟ What a woman you are؟ First gave him the key to escape. Now worry, it will hurt؟ Do you turn a blind eye to his death؟ You know, what aren’t you doing to save her on the rise and the need؟ But this stupid move ruined everything.

Elias was innocent now he became accused

Didn’t tell you, don’t interfere in this matter؟ Didn’t say sit quietly and wait؟ Why did Elias encourage him to escape by giving him the prison key؟ Khazar and the rise chiefs failed to save them. Wait to die in prison؟ What else could have done besides running away؟ Still defending itself. Calm down, huma bloom. He has kidnapped Christ Pasha’s assistant.

Christ Pasha and the soldiers are chasing

they will shoot, they are ordered to be shot. You have created very difficult to date. Instead of helping, he was ruined, and now he will lose his life. Pray, don’t shoot Elias. If Elias was shot. If Elias was hurt. You will not see your tears. Get out of my eyes. Wherever I look, arrest, show me what it means to kidnap my assistant. If not stop, shoot. Leave the assistant and surrender, Elias.

This traitor trapped me will not leave until everything is recognized

Escape from prison and already caused trouble. Shabash, Elias, surrender, let Baba arrest the rise. Wait for the return of the nobleman, of course, any solution will be taken out. How will Khazar Agha solve me if the slave seller is killed؟ Uncruite and will not hand over death, will not bring any more trouble to your brothers’ heads. I will confess everything to this dog, get out of the way.

Christ Pasha is chasing, he has decided to kill you

If he finds it, you will not survive. Shabash, Elias, Baba, seek refuge from the rise, they will save you. Moreover, Khazar Raees is coming. The news has come from Prince Corcott, now I can save myself. The only solution is to force this dog to admit everything and I can only do that. Don’t do that, Elias. Leave it, throwing yourself into a disaster.

Look, the soldiers of Christ Pasha are approaching

They will take me to the execution, and I will not let that happen, Shabash, get away. Then I’ll go, soldiers. Excuse me. Christ Pasha will catch him soon and kill him. Shabash, quickly Baba tells the rise. Looks like Done Diego keeps himself very safe. He is like the king who is given to us by the Lord. Well, does he go to the mountains for the carola every time؟ No, it just does so before planning a massacre against Muslims.

Cleanses his mind and soul through the carola

You are the spy who has disguised himself as going to the commandant Done Diego. Your body will go to him now. Is Done Diego still working؟ It seems that Done Diego is protecting himself very well. The pirates are everywhere, be careful. Go to Captain Done Dego if they get up.

So tell me that the men of Marco Gabriel have come

Looks like Done has sent news to Diego. Work must be done before it comes. They will be attacked nearby. Kill everyone else and take the Shahbaz alive. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 45 In English Subtitles Have courage, brother. Because brother, never leaves the brother in the dark. Will not leave, even if I shoot. You will die with me too, admit your betrayal.

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