Kurulus Osman Season 2 In English

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 55 In English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 55 In English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 55 In English Subtitles If one of our pins is on the ground. So the second hand is in the sea. Eventually, Salem Tomi’s fleet arrived. They will all get caught in this trap. Spahio. We will destroy all the Turkish ships. Captain, turn to the center. Why did the island ships shell us. What does that mean؟ I like surprises. It’s called, getting stuck inside the trap.

Salem Tomi has prepared this ship to defeat us haven’t it

You allied with the Spaniards to defeat us. But now. I will take control of his fleet. And their trick will return them. First, Jigel will take it and defeat Done Dego. And then, in the middle of the islands. Salem will be be behead Tomi. The soldiers have captured all the ships of Salem Tomi.Bismillah, Shabash. Bismillah, come on.

Come on pick it up

Or Allah. Or Allah. Didn’t I say: If they are mountains, we will bury them and leave؟ The blue wolf is with us. The story will start now. Bismillah, fire. Spahio. Fire. Bismillah, fire. When we were going to trap them, they trapped us. All ships have been destroyed, sir. Many soldiers have thrown themselves into the sea to save their lives. Fire. We can’t compete with them. Take the boats down quickly. He should go to Jejal quickly and tell the brother.

And the soldiers who jumped into the sea sir

Go to hell their souls. I can’t wait to die here. hurry up. Shabash. They are leaving the ship. We have to take it all. Spahio. Go to the boats with Murad, and take control of Spanish ships. Kill the infidels who threw themselves into the sea, noble؟ No need. Protect survivors from drowning. Imprison them.

As your order Raees

Now it’s time to control Jigel. We finished the work of the sea. Now it’s Khazar’s turn. My beloved. I snatched my dear friend from my life with my hand. Our heads shed blood on the ground. The rise of Agha will snatch Jejal with your hand. And I know your life. Then this calculation of revenge will end, Devon Diego. No jiggle, no one will give your life to you. Break.

Khazar laid the net inside the net for Done Diego rich Hazrat

How did he know, Done Diego will attack him؟ Come on. Rich Hazrat. The rise of the noble took over our fleet. They have gone to attack the Spaniards. You couldn’t stop it with so many soldiers؟ All our ships were suddenly attacked by their soldiers. Couldn’t do anything. You yhafil.. As many nets as they have laid, everyone went useless.

When I was going to turn the islands into their graves

They will get jigsaw. The ships that Petro had to attack are anchored at the port. Clearly, they have destroyed Turkish ships. Shabash, meet these braves. Rosa, quickly deploy all the soldiers. What is this condition؟ Didn’t you come with ships؟ We are coming to the reception. I didn’t come to these ships, Rosa. Then who؟ Barbarossa.

It’s time to take revenge

– It’s time to break, -tot fall. Barbarossa has entered the city. He would like to occupy the palace of Done Diego, this is Jejal’s heart. If this is the place, Jejal will also go. Tell the soldiers, get ready. We will defend this place, even if we do not know, will not be handed over to Barbarossa. You should get out right away, Rosa. – What happened? – Rising. I will defend this place with my soldiers, don’t wait here. Petro. This is the palace of Done Diego and our home.

No one can stop me from defending it

If needed, I would sacrifice my life for my house, but not leave. If the rise catches you, it will use you as a weapon against Brother John. Will do whatever he wants. You should not cause such a catastrophe. Rosa, you should leave before it’s too late

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 55 In English Subtitles

Think of Brother John, if you love them, leave this place. If the rise catches you. Think, how sad they will be. Don’t worry, Brother John has everything for me. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 54 In English Subtitles I will defend this place no matter how the price is my life. Shabash, go. Soldiers will take control of all places, this is the palace of Done Diego. If you control it,

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