Kurulus Osman Season 2 In English

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 58 In English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 58 In English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 58 In English Subtitles The port of the heart becomes desolate. Even the boat of hope does not move into this world. The meeting will now be held in the convex ( field hisher). We are men who live shoulder to shoulder with death. But the convex now seems to me too far. Like I’ll never go there. It’s as if we’ll never be reunited.

Patience is very difficult when man’s beloved goes away

brother John! We don’t know, the resurrection is close to any of us and far from anyone, my lion! Maybe a plane of death is near me. Maybe I’ll meet them first. Or maybe you. Even if we die. But in this world, we must wish death for your purpose. Mary. And Isabel. Died to save his honor. If we reunite. So death will bring us together in a certain way. There’s a lot of work to do right now, my lion! Very. Perry will bring the fleet we were waiting for. The first is to take revenge on Done Diego.

Then the people who are hoping for us

They should not be disappointed. With the pain of your loved ones, they will live in this world by fulfilling their purpose, my lion. Shabash, my lion! I find myself more beautiful today. You never lost your beauty, darling! No, today is different. Because. I killed this woman named Isabel. I received the price of my blood from him. Revenge added my beauty. You, oh you. Your power forces me to love you. And you will wipe out the Barbarossa brothers to increase our power further. Tomorrow I will end them all. The terror of Done Diego will wreak havoc on the land and the sea.

You will be the strongest, my life! When the time comes

you will not even bow to the king. You will establish your kingdom in these seas. We will be the strongest. If we establish the empire, I will make it great. But you will decorate her because you will be her queen. Ilyas. Why bother so much؟ How not, Isma؟ Don’t see the condition of Khazar and the rise of Agha؟ The death of Azabel and Mary is a anniversary by becoming angry at them. But now mourning ( is not the time of sad ). Rather, it is time to take revenge, Elias. I swear that this woman named Rosa will kill with her hands. All right, Isma. This is time for revenge.

In God! Tomorrow we will attack Jejal

Done will take into account the process of Diego and Petro. Any one who stands in front of me. I will cut off this head with my hands. And take to cool the fire in the hearts of the brothers. I will do everything. Hello! Vyakam, Darwish Baba. Good night. Okay fine؟ Why is the black stripe tied to its sword؟ So whenever you see it, the fire of revenge ignited more.

Tomorrow will attack Jigel After taking revenge on Done Diego

I will take off this black stripe with my sword. News has been reported by the Ottomans. Prince Saleem. Will move from Tarabzon to Istanbul. He has also resigned. And their relationship with state members has been bad for some time. Fear, he will fight his father, Sultan Bisad. Solomon’s father and the most powerful slam among the Ottomans. Strong, brave and powerful claws. So he will not back down from what he has star

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 57 In English Subtitles

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