Kurulus Osman Season 2 In English

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 60 In English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 60 In English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 60 In English Subtitles Twelve explained the rise that Done was not entangled with Diego. But he doesn’t listen. Does it all deserve trouble؟ However, we must focus on our work. Now go and condole them. And they also ask their ship slaves. They have a funeral, Amir Hazrat. Now raise the issue of slaves, don’t provoke them.

He who falls himself does not cry

I have to do my job. They will have to return those slaves to us; And there is no way.. Isabel and Mary. The oppressors did not allow their dignity to be violated. And so brave in that way that he took the risk of death. His death is a parable of bravery. We are in as much trouble as we are. However, our hearts will not always be remembered as two brave.

Murad and the soldiers have gone to take our ships

We will bury Mary and Isabel in Calmies. From there, they will come back with their fleet. And Done will take revenge on Diego. You say: You are taking your funeral calmies. My first slave give me. The whole world can come together, not take us. We are in mourning, do not exceed the limit. So that you do not have to bear the funeral. For me they are all slaves. And you took them away from me with kindness. There are 30: We are in mourning.

Do you have to explain with the sword instead of talking

Who are you attacking؟ You don’t even have funerals literature and respect؟ Immediately; put your swords in the sheaths, otherwise our swords will come out. Don’t force you to bleed at the funeral. Put these swords in the sheaths. Soon we will cut the head of Done Diego. Don’t try to enslave the oppressed. Stop this matter, Saleem. Because I will not hand them over to you.

This is a matter of trust You can’t trample on my trust

Otherwise I will not be responsible for the results. Our women have been coached from the mortal. My beloved woman also died. Our half is dipped in heart and mourning, half of our (. And the fire of revenge is on the rise in the second half. Get out of front of me. So that you can’t find anything with this prejudice. They are ready and waiting for the ship, Amir Hazrat. I have told them that I will not be responsible for the results. Because those slaves are not handing over us.

So we won’t leave them either

Know what I mean to move forward. Tell the men to do what is necessary. Check the longers’ ropes well, don’t you؟ No, there is a problem with ships until the Kalmiz arrives. We’ve checked, Raees. The hearts of Raees and Khazar Agha are crying with blood tears. They lost their loved ones before they got together.. How will their hearts be tolerated like this؟ I wish we could do something!! Take to reduce their suffering. This helplessness hurts me the most. I have lost my sweetheart in the past too. Thought I wouldn’t be able to endure this grief and die too. Of course ⁇

will be marked in my heart

But over time, man is called. The love and loyalty of friends puts ointment on my heart’s wound. Want to help the rise and the need. So hug them with strongness. It’s bigger than the time. Believe me, you will give them the greatest condolences. And according to the principle, the victims will deliver the ship. When taking revenge from Done Diego. Then go and our hearts will be cool.

They blew our plane

How can this be؟ Who can attack such a treacherous attack؟ Everyone will know the cost of challenging Salem Tomi. I wish the ship was ready and we would go. Otherwise, this slam Tomi will also bleed us on the day of mourning. They blew the plane up. The ship had innocent prisoners. He was also martyred in the blast. Who can do such a treacherous act؟ Or is he avenging the juggling of Jigel؟ Salem Tomi did so for not handing over the oppressed.  Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 59 In English Subtitles

We don’t care about ships

They were all oppressed martyrs. In front of our eyes. Take into account Salem Tomi, Phuno John. Let us come with us too, Iris. You wait for the bodies. I don’t want anyone to come. Your taxes have become a heavy burden on me, rich Hazrat. Soon we will be hungry, halve. Your voice is too loud, sir. Pay the taxes I tell. Otherwise I will take your everything Kurulus Osman Season 2

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