Kurulus Osman Season 2 In English

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 62 In English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 62 In English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 62 In English Subtitles You don’t care about your life or honor. Hit otherwise prepare the results . He will be punished. Bring a stretcher from inside, hurry up. We had pills until we arrived. Come on, hurry up, where are you left؟ Don’t go without our house’s indigestion Mary. Get out of great trouble, it will get out of it too Son, how happened, how؟

Done Diego arrived before us

We found these people in this situation. I wish, I had stopped Isabel. I wish we had gone too. The same thing would happen to you. Pray for health and fitness. Courage, courage isabel, it will be fine. Becoming a medical, do it. The situation is very bad. You go out so we can do our job. Blood is very bleeding. Rise noble, you go. Stay out, what can happen to us, will do.

Prepare treatment medicine hurry up

Dare Mary, don’t surrender. Will be fine Mary. May God have the courage to keep up. Will be fine, tell you something؟ The situation does not look good, the wound is deep. Which could be done, will. You go out right now. What can happen, put it on Khanum. Keep God’s words alive. We did not reach the rescue. My heart is crying tears of blood. If they have something؟ Baby, my dear girls. Their hands will break in their hearts, their hands will break. How are Agha, Mary and Isabel؟ Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 62 In English Subtitles

Both are not good According to the doctors the bullets are in dangerous places

Everything must be prepared. Don’t be disappointed with Magarullah. There is no choice but to pray and wait. The king could go to Andalusia, nor to the women. We have to pay a heavy price. We have also targeted their women. Both will not survive. We have enjoyed severe pain for enemies. King, will the death of two women agree؟ He had women of enemies to arrive. The body of Amir Al-Bahar ( Adimal ) will now arrive. The king will not forgive him. Kurulus Osman Season 2

There is only one way to get an apology from the king

That is the rise of all this and the head of the mingler. Mager, first my brother. Treatment has been done, the risk of death has been avoided. It will come to your senses in a short time. The bullet has gone very deep . The veins are cut. Despite the effort, the blood did not stop. A finger is shot down from the heart. Survivor will be a miracle. Breathing is light over time.Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 62 In English Subtitles

He said two would have marriages

Just solve these problems. They were both counted on the day of marriage. My lions will do it. There will be great marriage. Make a red wedding couple. And you know how both are. Was Mager Mary in my arms؟ What I know was Mary or someone else؟ I didn’t know. Mager never caught such a fire in my heart before. Which became a doctor, has passed. Both have killer wounds. #kurulus osman 62 bolum in urdu,

Despite all the effort, the situation could not improve

Will get healthy over time, right؟ Will be fine, right؟ Now it’s hard to open your eyes. What else can be done؟ Sorry, you guys can go in. It may be the last meeting with them. If your liver is shedding tears. So let me get the same wound. Even if it is death, Magar is ready. Why not death, why not death. Maybe we’ll meet in another world. You will be like a canal / river and I will be like a point.kurulus osman episode 35 with urdu subtitles,

I have a language, so what a good prayer can be

If you have language. Language hot. My beloved, look, my chest was this. Take the last resort, last resort. Won’t Izabel open your eyes last time؟ My heart was thrown into the fire, Magar didn’t find it burned. Now saying, Understand as if I have died. Make me part of your life and body. Make part of your body, make it part of your body. My beloved, look, my chest was this.Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 62 In English Subtitles

Looks like I’ve always heard in prison

Tolded me for a while. I’m here Mary. I’m here, Magger, you’re out of hand. No know what breath is now, the last breath. I wish you could hear your voice. Will make you a seal of your heart. Watch in your eyes for the last time. It will be a matter of happiness more than all over the world. Darkness inside me, bright I wish I had gone with them too. Thus the torment of conscience was better than the cessation. We were going to have two marriages.

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