Kurulus Osman Season 3 In English

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 69 In English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 69 In English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 69 In English Subtitles I would also like to begin my relationship on this basis. The condition in this order is of legitimate trade. Then, I’m sure you’ll see agree, Alp Arcelan sir Because I’m sure your subjects have a lot of expectations from you. And the only way to meet these expectations is money.

This is my offer I wanted to tell you.

In Mosul’s lands, which are of Anal Sahib. There are enough steel mines for both states. I want to buy you a large amount of steel. So it should also be noted that we do not sell horses or steel to Turkish non-Muslims. Because of this, I am willing to pay more than the amount owed. For the steel I want. As you know, trade is our job. The work is done, the jourist and the soldiers are also back.

I didn’t talk about iron or anything else.

Nor about the price you are talking about. no wealth or no trade. We love Allah and His Messenger more and not through jihad in the way of Allah. Take the steel from somewhere else. But don’t forget Alp Arcelan. We will definitely find another place to pick up the steel.

But you won’t find anyone who can really value your steel.

Sir. The Safria woman and the fighters are trapped in the trap along the way. He kidnapped the Sferia woman. A few guards have survived and come to the palace. Who kidnapped him, who؟ There were fifteen people, and they killed all our soldiers. He told the Sferria woman: they want them alive. Sir, the robbers attacked Spahio and women. He forcibly abducted the Safria woman.

I will come with you too

You will not go anywhere. I hope to see your daughter soon. It is clear that one wants to stop our agreement with the Qur’anic. To ruin our relationship, sir. And who would dare to do that؟ Whatever is behind it. Looking for the first woman, there is no time. If we want to kill “Alp Arcelan” from a place that If he does not expect, he has to stop this marriage.

I have heard that Alp Arcelan is an expert Kogi.

I saw how Annal looked at Alp Arlan when he turned down the offer. He doesn’t really like Alp Arcelan. And Alp Arsalan doesn’t like it either. If everything is planned. So not just the Alp Arsalan will have to fight the Qur’anic. If you want to defeat your enemy, it has to be attacked from within. Finally, I met him that I had been waiting impatiently for years. Our father’s blood has once again become one. Thanks for not leaving me alone in this matter. Living with me, my dear Erbaskan.


We had so much disagreement that we would fight together.

Until they agree with us. They will believe, they will believe. I am the daughter of Arsalan Yusuf Qarakhani. You must know my name, but not my fame. I will fill you with the money, give more than what your boss has given. I swear I will blow you and your colleagues. It’s not enough for you to protect our guards and your belongings. Do you want me to pay the price for your looted goods؟ All our trades we have done with coming for years. This has greatly benefited us in Rome. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 68 In English Subtitles

Will you leave us disappointed now؟

My soldiers are dying, and we are not responsible for your looted property. No money, no money. He is saying something right. We have not paid anyone for the looted property to date. If your property was returned, my soldiers were killed while protecting. If you don’t protect us, we have no reason to bring our caravans here. Nor is it to sell your goods here. If you want to trade in these lands, then come here. I have nothing to give except my life. No one can imprison me.

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 69 In English Subtitles

Who set this trap؟ I know, how to talk to you. Why stand up؟ Open my hands. My bodyguard seems to have reached the fort and informed you. That’s it, Sferia lady The style of talking to your merchants was great, the Elegsander. They cannot threaten us to end trade. They have no choice but us. Simultaneous litting of commercial caravans on separate routes. Not something that a few robbers will dare to plan.

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