Kurulus Osman Season 3 In English

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 70 In English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 70 In English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 70 In English Subtitles You know what’s going on in my heart. And I also know what’s in your heart. There will be some things I will ask you. In this case you stay like your brother. Get his confidence and stay side by side. Tell us everything he is doing and will. Steel is wrapped in pieces of cloth. There is a way no one knows, even no soldier knows.

If he doesn’t tell himself

, he’s the way you can never think about. Well, Annal sir؟ Where is this path going؟ Will Annal notify you of the destination of your caravan every time؟ This cloth has been hidden as much as the ugliness inside you. What is the use of this trade if the blood of the Turks is shed؟ Now this caravan will not take a step further from here. You had already said: to take steel somewhere else.

And now your cloth is loaded on the vehicles

Anal Sahib has sent you the most valuable and rare clothes of “Napoor”, “Karman” and “Mosil. I don’t know their value, so talk to Annal Sahib about it again. No one but you knew how we were going؟ How and from whom did Alp Arsalan know؟ Brother, all I know is because of this trade issue. Alp Arsalan will be even more hostile to you. In Magger, Abraham Anal Alp Arsalan, the son of Joseph Anal, will force him to pay the price of his cay. I know what I will do. I know what I will do.

Aren’t these safaria women

What happened؟ Why did you stop my way؟ So that no one else can stop. What are you looking for here؟ Can’t see what؟ I’m out for a walk, living in this fort is bothering me. Why this indifference even after what happened yesterday؟ Go back to the castle, hurry up. Don’t take the test of my patience and ride this horse. Your name and will make no sense to me. You may be their chief, but I have no meaning. By one of your orders I will not return to this cursed place.

If you don’t believe it I’ll take it

Don’t dare. Don’t try to stop me. Why stop my way؟ I said: No one else stopped, so stop yourself. What are the ones doing here alone؟ Not watching, I’m out of the corner. I was breathing in the fort. After so much, it is against caution. Don’t try my patience and get on horseback. You can’t run your order on me. I am not always proud of your fame and name. You will be their chief, Magger is nothing to me. I will not go to this cursed place at your request. If you don’t believe in comfort,

I will take it

. Beware, don’t even make such an effort. We are struggling to make Vasporakan, Darussalam. With the blessing of victory, the large church here will be converted to a mosque. At the same time, we are building mosques in different places. Absolutely, and you guys will be strengthening the castle walls too؟ Yes, she will be stronger than ever after the work is completed. And they will not be able to fall, the outsider. Every corner of the city should have public water wells.

Unconciously Akinai woman

Some wells have also been dug. More will be made. What happened, all right؟ All right, Mom, all right. Just want to relax. Alp Arsalan’s face is a source of trouble. No problem, no, no, no, God. No, Akinai lady. Sooner or later, Seljan will come to light. Just look. The wound should be shown to the physician. What does not mean, my brother ؟ If it gets worse and worse؟ No one should know this incident . So call the Akinai woman and strip. She will not tell anyone. No worries,

I’ll see So you do it

And take a clear cloth, let’s take Solomon. Whether it’s in my duties or not, don’t know. We are saying: It has the good of the Aali Seljukites. And we want good too. This woman has tried to take your life at the first time. What will be done؟ What did Alp Arcelan mean to dagger. Give me, let me clean, give me. What will you tell Dad now؟ Fermaid Baba. Alp Arslan was pushed, attached to my dagger. You’ve heard right, Baba. I have daggered him, Baba. I had no purpose to kill him. So bold today. What can’t do tomorrow. Traders have come, want to meet.

The wounds are stripped and carried

The Holy Prophet is not free, Mr. Annal. Get out of front of me. We report your arrival to Mr. Currently, you can’t go in. How are you a soldier who is unfamiliar with respect for the chiefs. The whole vasporacan, listening to your voice, Annal Sir. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 69 In English Subtitles Like the bandits, I want to get my steel looted by stopping my way. If we did not take out the weapon to let the thing grow. So that doesn’t mean that that property happened to you.

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 70 In English Subtitles

No one wants to consume your wealth. You know your mistake, that’s why you’re making noise. A handful of people have become rich in land. And got out of your own. I will not let anyone take over my thing, Alp Arsalan. So I will take it into my possession. Alp Arcelan must have understood that he will have to refuse to marry me. By stakes the lives of both of us. I would love to die instead of marrying her. That’s what you want. After this incident, Alp Arsalan will start hating me.

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