Kurulus Osman Season 3 In English

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 72 In English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 72 In English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 72 In English Subtitles There should be another mind behind it. Why aren’t anyone listening to me؟ I’m saying: Don’t take me to the castle. Apparently you are the head of these fighters. You just saved me, and now you’re taking me to even worse imprisonment. Do what I say. Don’t take me to Alp Arcelan. I have to save my father from Alp Arsalan. My father, Mr. Arcelan Yusuf, will protect you. You will live a full life.

What kind of man are you؟

Can’t hear me؟ Answer. That is, you are so loyal to your chief. Do you think he deserves this loyalty؟ He is an arrogant, ruthless man, who only sees his kingdom. It would be foolish to stop my offer. I know your chief Alp Arsalan more than you. But I’m sure he doesn’t care about you or these soldiers. Look, I’ll say the last time. Come with me, as I say. Make preparations on the field, Shabash. May Allah kill you. No one hurt you, didn’t you؟

Who has this bastard worked for؟

But how are you, tell it؟ I will save us both from this hell, don’t worry. You survived the great loss, but thank God no harm. We have asked them to prepare your room. You might want to relax, but. – If you want some food first. – No need. Otherwise I will make you feel unnoticed. Look, I’ll crush you. Who sent you؟ Who did it؟ Bolo. I forced him to do that. Have you lost your mind, Annal Sahib؟ I know exactly why I did and what. How can you do this؟ What does it mean to kidnap the woman I’m going to marry؟ What an insolence it is. It’s as if what he did was not enough, don’t provoke my tongue angrily. Don’t force me to trample on traditions.Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 72 In English Subtitles

How eager you are for marriage,

nephew. Forget the mourning of the Akcha woman so quickly. Are you marrying my father’s killer daughter now؟ Get out of front of me. Are you pointing your finger at me؟ Get out of front of me. If your sword is a blood drink, then run against the cuff. Your son Alp Arsalan who did not sell weapons to the enemy said: He will not arm them with his hand. He is carrying his sword on his own family, not on his uncle’s killer, Arcelan Yusuf. Even offered money like a fool. He made fun of me not telling me who he was. You know how to control her arrogance. Then my heart will be calm. We will not be imprisoned in the land of the Seljukes who orphaned me.

I am your sister and know your pain.

Alp Arsalan will curse the day I met. My beautiful daughter thinks she knows the way. I trusted too but I was wrong. Was it appropriate that you did with the Seljan woman and the Gohar woman؟ Soon one of them will be your mother-in-law and the sister of another husband. no way. What you are saying will never happen. As time goes on, things get worse. Can’t breathe peace anywhere. He has filled his pink face with tears. But you are very happy to marry my enemy. Sferia, I didn’t make that decision. This is done by the Sultan “Taghral” and “Abraham Khan. If we do not bow, there will be no peace. Who cares about peace with the silhouettes, Dad؟ If you don’t marry Alp Arsalan, they will kill me. He will save me from the tyranny of Abraham Khan.

And I will also have the opportunity to re-calculate with the silhouettes

. You can’t ruin this agreement at all. Didn’t you hear what I said, Safria؟ Forget everything in your mind. Soon you want to get rid of your loss. Of course, it must have been sad that people who make a profit from your goods. They don’t help in difficult times. Because their bodyguards were also killed, they almost owed us. We are both from the river ( Jehun River and Sehwan ) tribes. I’m from Hodan, and I’m from Yemen. From your areas to get here. How many places did you fall within the boundaries of the Seljuki state؟ Did anyone receive some of the place where you stayed for three days؟ Do you face in the boundaries of the Seljuki Empire.. Happened from a greedy person, a robber, or a deceiver؟Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 72 In English Subtitles

If you work here in such a situation.

The Seljuk state will cover all the damage you have. If you turn to Vasporakan by getting your way to the caravan. And if you bring your stuff here. Your life and property will be in the protection and protection of the Seljuki state. If you don’t get the stuff. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 71 In English Subtitles So will you pay us just because we are going through your area؟ You got it right. Just as I said: That’s the principle. This is an incredible offer for us. We would like to discuss and consult with each other. I will host you. Our door is always open if you want to ask about someone else.

I wasn’t recognizing you, Raza.

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 72 In English Subtitles You looked just like them. As soon as the news was found, I prepared and left immediately. You have worked hard in planning. I was afraid Gregor and his son Alexander would say: We will fulfill your looted material. Then I can’t bring traders here. You have to do what you know, Shabash, don’t have to stop anymore. I was actually thinking, what happened to you here؟ You wanted to trade steel. But I think we talked to Alp Arcelan Sahib about everything. You talked to the wrong person.. Then talk to you. I’m interested in steel, not in the seller. I’ll give yo

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