Kurulus Osman Season 3 In English

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 75 In English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 75 In English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 75 In English Subtitles towards Vasporakan by coming. What is your order, Commander؟ The city will run when the woman is heard, they will complete the preparations and come. We will have some hard work in this work. If luck happened, I intend to make a factory in Vasporacan. Now the intentions, the good end, of course.

Hassan Sahib will consult with the outsider.

There will be talk about where to be and what to do, Oqi lady. I want to handle everything knowing. That’s why I want to stay here until this work is completed. That’s how I’ll reduce your burden. If I have heard the right. So you are preparing for the wedding. You have heard the right. I want to congratulate you. Don’t know if this marriage will be dry. Only Allah knows the hidden goodness in any evil, OQA woman.

You can pray for the rest of Allah.

Safria is a woman, sir. Come on, we don’t wait for our daughter-in-law. Alp Arcelan came to ask about the wound condition. Blame yourself very after the accident. Carelessly worked, forgive me. What wound are the Safria woman talking about, Alp Arsalan؟ Obviously something happened that we don’t know. There is no special accident to be talked about, Baba.

Obviously, Alp Arcelan Sahib adopted a noble treat.

And I didn’t tell anyone that I lost my anger and pushed them my dagger. But I know in the extreme of my guilt. That is why I agree with whatever decision you make against me. And the father’s father ( Ada ) is also known. These are the bloodthirsty of the Seljukites. And now you will make him your wife. Such naive, Alp Arsalan Sahib؟ Sferia. What happened؟ Told them؟

Understand if you see his face. Said no:

I have come to tell you that he has stepped back from this marriage. No one will bear it. I’m listening to you, sir of Alp Arsalan. I know what you are trying to do. Your father broke the contract for fear of his life. You won’t dare and you want me to beat him, don’t you؟ And then now that this agreement breaks, you won’t be difficult. No one will dare to ask you the reason. Of course ⁇ you will not marry the woman of your life. What you did was not enough to advise me now. Know this well, the Sultan’s order. The Sultan’s command and the security of the kingdoms are above you and me.

That’s why

Don’t make the situation more difficult for yourself and me. Alp Arcelan Sahib. I wanted to come with you but you know the situation. If I were close to you. I know, Erbaskan. I know. Obviously, for a while you will stand with. Your scholarship is as important as fighting the war with Kafar. Stand with Annal Sahib. I don’t even want a little scratch. Don’t believe you.

When you look at. So they will not forget where they are. Start preparing immediately and start traveling without wasting time. As your order, the honorable commandant. They ignored the blood of my father-in-law. And more than that, the table was decorated. Now see what the matter does when it comes to the life of the Alp Arcelan. If the contract does not break that woman but break the Alp Arsalan. So they will release Arcelan Yusuf without killing.

And at the moment no one will be able to take it with my hand

Probably * Erbaskan was also asking Alp Arsalan about the same. A while ago I saw them talking alone in the yard. Alp Arsalan remembered being my brother for the first time in this issue. Unite with me and stood against them. Erbaskan knew the way the caravan and you were passing with your soldiers, right؟ Why didn’t Erbaskan ask about it when it was like that؟ You haven’t heard of me, Oqi lady؟ I’m saying: Erbaskan is with me. I didn’t say: he did it, Annal. Sir. I said:

Why didn’t you ask him

As you and Erbaskan’s father are one. Don’t you know that there is no brother but the Sage brothers؟ You are in the flood and in the head of the church. Your mother understands co-brother, you are a stranger to themNow this time is to enter the Surmy Hotel. Should you have the same soldier, Abraham. Where are you going in anger like this؟ Don’t bother me, if it’s curious, come after me.

Traitors are among our trusted soldiers

And many times in the battlefield we resorted to them. Could there be more trouble for a high؟ Don’t oppress soldiers, brother. They have no guilt at all. You know something, Erbaskan؟ Do you think you just have trouble with this problem؟ I have come to this conclusion by finding out well. Alp Arsalan learned from them that you were through them with Gregor. So where is the one who looks at us and the one who sends his soldiers behind us؟ I don’t think Alp Arcelan.

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 75 In English Subtitles

That’s why they sent them there, brother. There the soldiers were talking about the steel warehouse. I knew this from the fort guards. If this caretaker comes from the ploy of Alp Arsalan. So the guards of the fort did not know them. If you didn’t follow me, Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 74 In English Subtitles I was going to kill innocent people. May Allah protect you, brother. It doesn’t seem to benefit to talk to this girl, mother. Talk to Baba and Brother John, tell the Sultan the situation. So that he should step back from this marriage.

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