Kurulus Osman Season 3 In English

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 79 In English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 79 In English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 79 In English Subtitles You have lost the virtues that strengthen our army. But at the same time that is what slows down our army Am I saying wrong, honor؟ You are right. Our troops are armored but slow while they are unarmed but moving fast. Do you know the reason to be faster than us in their battlefield؟ Their horses are unparalleled. I agree with your opinion, honor and command Those horses are the greatest gift from God to the Turks.

You know, Turkish horses understand like their wings

. And they are not wrong. They fly on them on the battlefield. And look what we have؟ We are lucky that these are a few horses because they are in their view. Our endurance is due to the unparalleled skill of our soldiers. But think about it, Rome’s invincible army. Ride the Turkish horses, just imagine. It would be great, wouldn’t it؟ Then the fearless Turks will have no chance against us. The Turks are not just Alp Arcelan and Seljuki. We can take them from others who own these horses. You’re wrong, Alexander Turks can sacrifice their lives but never sacrifice their horses. The commandant ordered that everyone be killed. It also has to be found. He is injured, he cannot go too far.

It’s close here Spread out

Vasporakan Wait, lady, you can’t go in. I am a Sferia woman, leave the way. Why is you chasing me؟ I came to talk to the Akcha woman. While you both love each other so much, why insist on this marriage so much؟ Does the Akcha woman know this؟ Don’t know, just like I was thinking. But you won’t hide anymore, go now and tell him. Leave your hand, what are you doing؟ Leave. Why have you brought here؟ You want to talk to the Akcha woman, don’t you؟ so do it.

Wasporacan Take the merchant Razari to the medical room immediately

What happened, Atis؟ Where are the merchants؟ The rest were killed, sir. What does that mean, killed, ats؟ Who hit؟ And where were you at the time؟ They ran arrows in the woods, Solomon Sahib. We went back and grabbed one of them. He was a Turkmen soldier. Turkmen soldier؟ Who ordered him to take the life of traders؟ The bastard we caught said:Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 79 In English Subtitles

That all traders were ordered to be killed by Alp Arcelan Sahib

Alp Arsalan doesn’t matter me at all Nor does I think I grow up or be an uncle. He does not know who to respect. Nial sir. First come to the place and place you deserve. Then see who treats and how. Nial sir. Your place is the throne of the Seljuk Empire. Now is the time to hold everyone accountable. And the truth that went from you should be obtained back.

We will take back everything we have chosen from you

Nial sir. Ray’s throne. It will be yours soon. Annie’s merchants were very angry, sir. We could not save this bastard from their hands. Commandant Gregor. This is Gregor’s plan. Merchants want to build their dominance on the way by making our enemy. We will do our best to get this bastard from traders. Shabash. Traders are not dead, sir. Thankfully you are fine. I have something to say to you, sir of Alp Arsalan.Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 79 In English Subtitles

I have heard everything

Tell us right away what you heard. The attackers were looking for me in the woods. I hid and heard it all. He plans to blame Alp Arcelan Sahib. Your doubt was nothing wrong, sir. First oint their wounds. And then that’s what everyone in Surmy Khan says. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 78 In English Subtitles Traders who choose Alp Arsalan. I have seen that there is a bitter sip of life and death. You are lucky. Because you have seen,

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 79 In English Subtitles

the Turks cannot be trusted without harm. But now listen carefully to me. Once forgetting that. Knowing that you have secretly talked to them. I allow you to continue trading، As happened in Surmy Khan in the past. And I say:. The cost of killing our friends. Will pay with your life. The death of the Turks. The ointment did the right thing, right؟ Thankfully you’re fine. Your illness will end, but. No medicine for my disease. It was said to be here. I know I’m angry with me. But please listen to me.

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