Kurulus Osman Season 3 In English

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 81 In English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 81 In English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 81 In English Subtitles If everything goes well. If the “block” in the possession of the Seljukites is included in its limits. So the ruler will put his dirks on the family and the Sultan who decides to rebel. And so will my lands be close.

Commercial support will be provided

The route to the largest commercial caravans will open. And so your hands will be strong. It will be good for me too. The convoys that come to me will reach me safely from your limits. There is no limit to the power and traps that drive you crazy. Passing through so many routes and traveling for so many years. Never trusted anyone other than their own, Alp Arsalan. Xia is our right to the Seljukites on the blush. You guys should hand it over to us.

You are unfamiliar with things like people, debt and loyalty

Now I have to remember. What debt are you talking about, rude. We and Kink would not be members of the tribe. So you guys would still be alive. Your father, Ali Tegin. When fleeing prison, Ali al-Aalan raised the flag of rebellion against the ruling family. So they had neither their own soldiers nor the army. When the war took place with the Ghaznivites. So who made you guys shield. When the earth and the sky were narrow on you and dreamed of becoming a great empire.

And when everyone got out of their limits, we didn’t provide a place

We didn’t provide pastures, tell me؟ If you don’t know all this at all your age, go and ask your uncle, Sultan. My age and my arms, you have tried in war. You have been humiliated and you have taken a order. So now shake your tongue, don’t underestimate the more breaths. They have finally found out . It must be relaxed, before. So he has given the medicine of fainting. In addition, he has been addicted to wounds. Soon it will be fine . You’re injured, I’m injured too. What will happen to us now. We are so lonely that. Now there is no “touch” left to treat you or me. And stand with me.

If you too left Get up at your feet as soon as possible

His father’s revenge is also awaiting a decision. If we are not in our tents, where the sky can be lifted and seen. So we will also adorn your walls with heavenly color. There should be no lack of heavenly color. Neither of the Seljuki stars. Very beautiful. Alp Arsalan seems to have the entire Vasporacan with siljuic relics. Allah, like to see man using his blessing. Victory is a blessing and to be on the throne. The owner of the throne, Jalwa Afroz Ho, could cool his eyes to see us. Where are you coming from, I know, I have told me. There will be good news, these shouts .

How are you, Hussen Sahib

Health is safe, atheism. Mager could not agree to return. Heart, in the hands of Allah, are they in the hands of God, son؟ The return will change the same heart. Thankfully, they have knowledge of their whereabouts. Ali Tegin’s son, Arsalan Yusuf, remained silent for so long. So there must have been a reason. After losing and not fulfilling the goal, its ranks and its homogeneous will now have to be psychedelized.. And you will celebrate with them in this marriage, right؟ Whatever to happen, brother. It’s hard for me to be in Baba’s blood-streatening council.

There is no way to convince Annal Sahib’s children of conversation

. But you will correct the order of the Sultan. This order is not healing our breasts, sir Alp Arcelan. Now the sons of Michael will establish the court and make decisions. But you want blood from the children of Anal, don’t you؟ What do you mean by this “you”, Abraham؟ If you are one of the Seljuki family, my father is also one of his sons. Your father you are talking about, aren’t they our uncle؟ From whom and what are you taking into account؟ We did not lose many martyrs

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 81 In English Subtitles

Did I suddenly of Tegin with my brother Gharal. Didn’t pay the price in front of the Alp Kara sent to attack us؟ You cut off the snake’s tail, but it still has a head. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 80 In English Subtitles Why is Arslan Yusuf, who kills my father with his hand, brother John؟ You stopped me all the years when I turned to him. I said: Wait; Everything has a time, I waited.

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