Kurulus Osman Season 3 In English

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 84 In English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 84 In English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 84 In English Subtitles In your youth you did not reverse our lands. That mercy is showing now؟ It was a pleasure to see Sahi Mager attached his name to these things by mistake. When I attacked. So there is an empire. And no one saw human unity. Because of oppression, you have destroyed the lands of the people. Nothing left.

Is the crime of your attacks also ours

They trampled the border and came to us. Used our nation. Sir. Allow permission. We are talking to us as if the oghos and especially the savior Turks have come from great mercy, you guys؟ Let’s believe they are other people. What would you say about the oppression of the Armenians of your religion؟ Why are Armenians all leaving؟ Because of rebellion and not obedience.

There is only one church in Rome

the rest are not allowed. Who brought these two into your religion. If not known, they will be divided into two, three and four. This process of you people is not to allow two, but clearly cruel. You are saying this. You guys, listen to something called jihad, as a spread of religion all over the world؟ Or is it as a shield؟ Ever since this universe was made. Every chief and empire,

the head of the world has come Magger

The purpose of our conflict is not to rule the world. On the contrary. The truth is to be the shield of the pilgrims and the fear of the oppressors while walking along the way. We rule the world. I follow the word of Allah. And doing so. Don’t hate anyone’s religion. That’s the difference between us and you guys. According to Devgen. Why should I sacrifice the emperor’s expediency to the general؟ It seems that Sultan. Vassporacan’s designated, Diogen.

The settlement wants to conquer and open its way

That is, he wants to prove to be worthy of a position given to himself. And through this victory he wants to convey his name to the emperor. These Shaw will remain against Allah, Nial Sahib and the rest of the people against the Devgen. And two will do four by defeating the infidels. In the lady Mr. Alp Arcelan. Despite getting the canton of Anal Sahib, they are doing their best.

Nial Sahib is there

And we were happy to try the Alp Arsalan. Aali Seljuk, not an individual. Nor a chip to the ground. Especially when they are cemeteries, they will not hand over to the infidels. Sooner or later. The good news will come from the word. Bismillah Allaah All-Rahman-Rahim Bismillah All-Rahman-Rahim.Bismillah Allaah All-Rahman-Rahim Don’t be afraid. We who want to know, fight, not on the bank

Talk about the empire

Talk about the whole world. How many times have you been the kingdom of people؟ What does it do to you guys that. Baha’s roots and branches of its roots Relying on the world for centuries. The Roman and Seljuki Empire cannot be countered by tents and wooden shields. We have palaces, General. Be anxious. This empire will continue to be the Slajuk race.

The past of the Migran Turks

Our grandfather does not start with Seljuk. We are from the generation of Afrasab. Establish the Bishmar kingdoms. From falling into the feet of the Pope. It may have been heard that our grandfather, the ruler, gave you the kingdom of the people. And I’m sure the Byzantine envoy’s incident would be heard. Which was offered to apologize. I know.

It is important to talk now sir

now. If your kingdom is like that. So the conversation doesn’t matter. General Ducas. Looking at this arrow؟ These arrows come when we send to our bloody relatives, a thousand equestrian fighters. If that’s not enough. When these two arrows are sent to Balhan. So a million extra soldiers come. Yes, if you say that there is only so much power. So again. When this command is sent to Toran. So even outside the limits of the idea, the soldiers who are horse.

The purpose is that

Like our roots are hidden in the ground. So that’s how our shadow branches are. It is written that he wants to explain the situation by presenting himself. The situation of Mager Ghazni has not allowed him to emerge. Rich bozan. Don’t know what’s going on in his mind؟ On the Ghazni land of the Turks. Attacking our soldiers, isn’t it weird؟ Excessive limit.

The last part is you know what he said

Five thousand gold dinars have been sent. It will be a pleasure to understand the fate of the victims. Bator Sahib and Turkmen have laid the trap. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 83 In English Subtitles I am still ready to guarantee. He left the letter and attacked the caravan to be a fool. Bator chief. Know the Turks. So say it’s their game, sir. Shhoor Sultana, due to the termination of the trade issue. Force to send back to Folad.

My request is the giant

. My presence in Ghazni without doubt. Send Maktob that the soldiers will not return gold because they are killed. So send then. Maro tribe Didn’t look long. Looks like the infidels went to meet. See what trouble brings now. Don’t start again. I’m not sure. To see. You will all see. You are repeating your imaginary words now. The mother has warned many times. Don’t give a chance again. Where are the Alp Arcelan Sahib؟ Well, Caraja lady. It is important to talk to them.

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