Kurulus Osman Season 3 In English

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 88 In English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 88 In English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 88 In English Subtitles If you win, take the mother and walk to Nana. Mager must first hear me and act well. Soldier. Order Sultanate. Immediately call Shhoor Sultana. The order that is slat. The children of Chaghri are very sad for you. It started saying, Go immediately and bring my grandchildren. The mother will come and the tribes will walk along.

Mager couldn’t see us

Okay fine؟ So the room has got these funerals. The goods also have black clothes, etc. Sir. Don’t even think that we are only two. We are everywhere. In the name of great Nazak. In the name of great Nazak. Traitor dogs. Can be more. Looking well everywhere؟ What is it, sir. No soldiers. If my orders are fully obeyed. So it turns out that these are not the only people.

Upon entering the room it was found that it was a traitor in the search

He attacked when he saw room search. It was nice to have survived again. If I had already been told to be searched. So I’m more useful so sir. Alpagot is correct. Alpagot is saying absolutely right. Avodokia, I, Devgen and Alpagot. Even no one but himself can be trusted. General. Yes mogger. The fact that Alpagot prevails over these Qur’anites is true. And that we strive for the same purpose. In the dining room, it’s got a piece of Turkish carpet, sir.

Was hidden in the stove wasn’t it

This fish. And these arrows pass through here, these are hints. There is a secret message on this carpet, sir. Believe me؟ Yes. In Constantinople, he heard that Turkmen messaging secret through the carpet. This is not a normal carpet. See sir. See. Fish here. Hinting us. Mugger, the arrow below. Everything is changing. It’s like a signature. That’s why it’s definitely not a normal carpet. This carpet that anyone has hidden. Either wants to hide this carpet from us. Or then. Wants to get rid of the carpet. Whatever it is, at least before we got it, we got up. Shabash soldier. Go.

That is the environment is still bad

That is, there is a Turkish spy among us. Be a good hunter, I know. And I’m sure the Turkish spy will catch easily too. Addressing the wave message on the carpet. Also equal to detecting a spy. Now. Read it. Sultans. Modd. Murder has been carried out. Learned very quickly. There will be no concern about God’s coming to the blow. May Allah keep you safe. Khalil is about to arrive. Secret messaging carpets will be brought soon. And she will fall.

Where does the good and Khalil sir know who to hand over this carpet

If you are confused؟ no. Everyone has their own ways. And they are placed in the carpet. Your mark is crescent( Chand)؟ Crescent, yes Do you want to have a mark؟ Well, sir. Not everything looks fine. Not well, lady. Talk to you soon and keep up the good content. Where is Solomon, sir. Didn’t come with you؟ It will come in a while.Don’t worry. Good.And brother John’s good؟ Let me tell. The girl doesn’t look well. Alp Arcelan Sahib is also missing.

So no trouble happened again

God forbid children. It is now known. Sultana, Sultan Masood is reminding you. Massoud, right؟ Baji. Alp Arslan. You. Here. What are Alp Arcelan Sahib doing here in this dress؟ That is, the intentions of Alp Arslan are something else. That is the case there will be arrest. No one can enter the palace like this. This is not your palace. The dug small pit is about to become a deep ditch for the tout. Bozan. There is no need to arrest Amir Bozan.

After now, neither in our borders of Alp Arcelan

Nor is there any work left in the palace. Soldier. Go to the border with Alp Arcelan. And make sure to get out of our limits. Nana was going to, weren’t he؟ Then go some time my lion. And until then you. Keep talking about Amy. Shabash. This case. Your head will not end until the harvest is done. Know this well. Prepare. To leave on the trip. Where؟ Vasporakan Ghazi Juan Mordo. Pardaz Spahio. The infidels wanted to get our lives and bases. Magger. Patience of the Turks.

Bravery, and failed because of wisdom

this bravery of you people is something out of human intellect. Shown the infidels once again with the glory of the oghos. Stay alive. It’s not all about your bravery. Magger. The habit is coming. It’s time to booty. Long live Annal Sahib. The sword of the oghos is sharp. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 87 In English Subtitles Long live Annal Sahib. The sword of the oghos is sharp. Long live Annal Sahib. The sword of the oghos is sharp. Congratulations, sir. Thank you very much. What are the conditions of the buzz؟ Things are bad, sir.

Wasporacan That’s enough

What is the price؟ I have more than one carpet, sir. This two Nestor. Baji and nephew Masood were not found out of the buzz. From the news from Erbaskan and Solomon. New planning will be made. What’s going on, son in the brain؟ The first thing to find princes, sir. Waste protection is essential. It will be equal to war. What is the order of the Sultan in this regard, sir؟ If it comes, the lady will know. See what is the order of Allah Almighty. We agree to his order. The reality is as bright as the sun. Your brother’s fraud has shown. Now end all the relationship with him.

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