Kurulus Osman Season 3 In English

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 89 In English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 89 In English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 89 In English Subtitles What are you thinking about Alp Arsalan؟ What to do؟ He has asked to refrain from interfering in personal matters. If you are sure to protect Baji and nephew. So there will be no barrier to hitting Bozan’s neck. I’m going to be a fool to take Baji and nephew. Solomon.Erbaskan. You guys find the rest of the princes. Find out if the situation is safe or we estimate. Bet. Going to pick up. One is the Sultan of the Ghazni Empire and the other vice.

How will you enter the palace

How to get out of there if you enter؟ Wasporacan Every room.Every corner.And find everywhere. Break the door. No position should be considered. Every suspicious thing should be taken over. I would like to see with my eyes. Come on, jurdy, hurry up. Come on, come on. What is happening؟ The castle is undergoing a little cleaning. Soldiers in the guise of our soldiers are very close.

And we have entered the Azamans of Jesse

Anyway, at least they didn’t go down without explaining themselves first. Cleaning is necessary. You two are here. hurry up. You two are here. Open the door Break. What is happening؟. Hit. What is happening؟ Out. Search me everywhere. What is the name baby؟ Give what, now. Soldier. What is happening.So much courage؟ The search order is, don’t create a hard time, sir.Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 89 In English Subtitles

So come on Start

Grab the sword well, now it’s my turn, right؟ Okay fine. Hands down. Hey, there’s a dangerous war going on here. The woman is in great excitement. Swordering was stubborn to learn. Masha Allah. Yes, Shabash. Today’s kale is so much, right؟ So to learn sword, yes؟ Yes, I have been taught by the woman. I will protect my mother and the tent. And will avenge the father’s murder from the infidels. Akcha Baji has also grown in Etami like me, does Hassan Uncle؟ Let’s not be sad.

We can’t see our father. Migr is the closest to him

Hussrat took in the heart. Call them in dreams. Sad Sikhs share. Their blood is proud to run in the veins. Remember more than anyone else. Love more than everyone else. Everyone is more sad than anyone. On the appointment of a father. If Vasporakan did not become our homeland. So they will never call them a father. I am your daughter, look, alive. Blood addictive bile, in front of you, will not say. Dad’s heart does not tolerate seeing children at risk. Bozan has killed Dushasad.Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 89 In English Subtitles

And the rest of the princes are still in his possession

If this bozan was not arrested. So family. Tell the other princes the address so that they can be released. Bozan’s plan must be preserved. You thought my back would be able to do something behind. Shhoor؟ What are you watching. Immediately take over this miserable. Shhoor is waiting for Sultana,x. Issue orders. I promise. After the return of the rest of the princes. No one will look at your son Masood. Immediately ⁇ Take the life of this traitor. The address of the princes is that he؟ Not told great nonsense. Take it right away . If anything. So blow your neck. There must be tunnels in the palace of the Ghaznui Empire. ( years ago ) These tunnels will be in the caves around the palace, etc.

When I was a servant of the Ghaznvi Empire

The secret campaigns always went to them through the tunnels. Don’t be afraid, nothing will happen. If the situation is according to the thinking of Alp Arsalan. So he has made the right decision to go to the best. Shhoor and Masood’s life come before everything. Let’s see this devil. My daughter has been drawn to the throne or something else. The secret of Sultan Modd’s testimony now appeared. Bozan to our grandchildren. Growing up, Ghaznui would like to do the empire in his fist.Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 89 In English Subtitles

It is the possession of Ali al-Aalan Qaramatari

Bozan is not as the Ghazni Empire. Rather, it will run as a quarantine empire. We will not allow that. See Mr. Chaghri. First bring the situation of Solomon and the Arkaman princes. If the Alp Arsalan of my grandson to Bozan. If not released from occupation, Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 88 In English Subtitles they will immediately prepare the army and move towards the swast of Sultan. This means the declaration of war from the Ghazni Empire, brother John. Our fight. Bozan and the Qur’an follow him. Who is Ghaznvi. And who are the quarantine guards. How will I find out my brother؟ The traces of horses and dogs have now been dashed in Bast.

Alp Arsalan and Solomon whatever the result

Our attack. It will be in the realm of politics. By returning to Maktob. And for the sake of the subjects of the Ghaznvi Empire, they will have the reality of Bozan and the Qur’an. Our destination is not east. The West is, Brother John. Fighting a Muslim state is not a matter of intellect. Sometimes not with intellect, it works from the heart. The matter is now, together, to protect the eastern borders of our empire. Now walk according to politics. The empire must be shown to be weak. Prime Minister. Send the delegation to the condolences of Sultan Modd’s martyrdom. The order that is slat. Massoud. Massoud. Unclean؟ Shut up my lion. Keep the sound so that our game continues to play. What game؟ Sound game.Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 89 In English Subtitles

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