Kurulus Osman Season 3 In English

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 95 In English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 95 In English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 95 In English Subtitles This devil will no longer be able to harm our empire nor target our religion, Sultana. But. People did not understand the matter. They didn’t feel good to see swords in the hands of the Seljukes. Have gathered around the house. And before there is more confusion. So go and explain the matter in front of them, rich bozan.

Prepare immediately Maro tribe What poison did he put into food

Don’t hide the matter, Akinay’s mother. What’s in it؟ Tell me. Be patient Caraja lady. After a while you, and everyone will know what’s in it. There was nothing that caused disease in food. Akinai mother and I tasted myself, we didn’t suffer. I don’t understand what happened to the Karaja woman. wait. Will be known now. Ok you؟ What are you؟ Was there really poison؟ Poisoned.

Now tell us what’s in food

What’s in food, don’t know. Caraja is a pet ( perforated ). Good news Karaja lady. You are belly. Losing your senses and getting nauseous was because. One million thanks to Allah Almighty. Wasporacan Come on. .Sir .Welcome Al-Pagot-H Maria sent this.- I have read and asked to tell, if you want. Yes, fall. Baba. First of all, I am sorry for you for the terror you have made. The plan you made with Gokotog Sahib without bringing me to know did everything wrong.

When I tried to raise doubts, they accused me

When I was close to the execution, they escaped me, I thought they would bring me to you. But it didn’t happen. What I did to prove not to be my traitor was not successful. And you know what happened again. When I thought everything was over, I saw Alpagot and Alp Arslan when in front of me. So thought I had the last chance. This is the last chance to return to the tribe by winning their confidence again. I will take even more bloody revenge than we have dreamed of.

To get rid of the Alp Arsalan, I was forced to pretend to be hostage

I want you to always trust me and never forget my helpless love and relationship for yourself. And as you have not done to date, still trust me that your trust will never fade after today. Your daughter Maria. .Alpagot You and Maria have been in a strong bond with each other since childhood. Maria had almost no friends except you as a child. to be؟ Absolutely sir. So, if Maria is a traitor, you raised this traitor. But if his words are reflecting the truth. So Maria with me .

And you will get a reward for combining with our revenge, as you are doing

.Sir All we know, you have taught us. The whole world should stand in front of me. Then knowing that Maria and you would stand with me. I feel unmatched. Al-Pagot. Help us. God’s lily, get us out of here. God’s lily, get us out of here. Shashshash.Shashshash. The story is over, rich bozan. There is no place to run away now. .Stand up Mr. Alp Arcelan. Listen to me first. You will bury you in a pit dug with your hands. There is no point in denial.

The argument I’ve been looking for a long time is now at the tip of my sword

Now tell me. Who will save you by my hand؟ I have advice that. Put the sword in the sheath and let me go. You have kidnapped these innocents. You have killed the rest of the people. So far you have been a trap against me and walking tricks. Take the sword down immediately ⁇ , leave the rich. See, they are your dear and dear. How is the infidelist. Alp Arcelan Sahib and his soldiers.

Not to be acquitted of all false accusations before

How can they all be thrown into Zandan؟ Alp Arsalan Sahib will take some way out, in Shallah. Be anxious. See, see. How to smile and see this infidel. What are you doing, let’s go؟ The tribe is going. Let the soldiers tell them to come and arrest this infidel and Akcha woman. Leave me. Daughter. Be patient. Wait, don’t get too excited. Just take the matter to me. What more to understand؟ Not everything is clear؟ Come on. Leave, leave. Come on. Leave. Come here.

Leave Godakale Akinai What is the mother’s job here

Are you in pursuit؟ No, Karaja is behind me. Of course, the same will be pulled. If he wanted to meet the Alp Arsalan, the floodbrother John forbade it altogether. There is definitely something in it. My heart is not satisfied. It would be nice to meet the Alp Arcelan. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 94 In English Subtitles Sir. If allowed, let me go and research matters؟ Rich Bozan has been revealed by Hassan Sahib؟ Wait. hold on . Leave. Come back. Arku, the infidel is the soldier here. The infidel soldier is here, get there.

Arrive infidel is a soldier

This is Tokaraja. It will be nice to have them. Reach. It will be nice to have them. Let’s hurry.Shabash Spahio. The soldiers saw the child trembling with fear on the road. He pointed out here and we went here to see what the thing is, finally. He told me of this place. This is the child you killed the innocent mother. Poor thing. If it weren’t for the baby, the quarantine curse would kill them too. Which last person I wanted to see here was you, Mr. Alp Arlan. We imprisoned you in Ray’s life and you stood here in front of us. Wherever I can find evidence against the Qur’an.

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