Kurulus Osman Season 3 In English

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 98 In English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 98 In English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 98 In English Subtitles Deogen, what’s going on؟ What’s lying in my feet؟ Your soldier has slaughtered himself. He could have slaughtered you instead. You are lucky to be commandant. Don’t go out in search of us. If you want to get rid of our separation inside. So all the soldiers in the fort must be killed.

Amir Bozan has gone from Vasporakan to take this Zandiq Maimon

The Ghaznui Empire will do its duty. Don’t know how to be a special soldier of Maimon’s Bozan؟ It is a coincidence to belong to Bozan. How can you still trust Bozan؟ Amir Bozan Ghaznvi is an important person in the kingdom. And more than that, our sister-in-law’s brother. In every case of Bozan, it seems that Maimon had the hand of the original. I don’t trust Bozan.

You are an older sister, no insolence in your glory

Mager, don’t come to me in this matter. The soldiers of Anal Sahib also appeared to be quarantine. So tell me my brother, does he have anything to do with it too؟ Where you are sitting, this is not the boundaries of the Seljukes, Alp Arsalan. The Ghaznui Empire sees its own affairs. Also, your intervention in this matter is putting me in front of the people of Baust. So beware, don’t interfere Handing the Natak to the Ghaznivites. The best decision on both sides is Mr. Aali

The best relationship to the Ghazni Empire is to have

Hopefully, this time the agreement will show loyalty. The best news about Alp Arsalan will be heard. Two Roman Eugene. Unfortunately, Mr. Maria could not find any trace. After now, it must be very careful, Akcha Betty. Doubt is like a disease. Once done, he will not be easily healed. You have fueled the fire of suspicion in Vasporakan. Now you have to be careful.

Time of presence in the tribe

The responsibility of protecting Akcha’s daughter is yours . It’s really great. I wish the heart had been empty, the Alp Arcelan would have become a hummer. Akcha’s daughter has said the heart is full, Mager. It’s a mugra who is from the same, he didn’t tell. Hassan uncle, blow me in the air. So you want to fly in the air. Let’s open and fly on your own. Come on, Shabash.

The little Shaheen is flying

And fly high. Play with ice؟ Play. Why are tears flowing؟ Nothing happened. Nothing happened. Now that I feel the feelings of loneliness on your face. So none of you. The Abyssinians named Nautiq. Hands have been arrested. The Shhoor woman got the news. Amir Bozan has sent him to take it. The calculation of the oppression of religion and the empire is approaching.

That’s the woman

His and his false beliefs are almost the end of the Kabhi. See what Alp Arcelan Sahib wants from us. Welcome to the land. On our land, what is the reason for stopping our way؟ So this is why you are taking it together. And then asking me for an explanation, Amir Bozan. I am taken prisoner of the Ghazni Empire. I am taking the buzz on the orders of your great sister Shhur Sultana woman.

The generation of this devil has to be handed over to me

This is my desire from the Lord and to you. That as soon as I look, the great Byzantine flag was waved at the base. If Amir Bozan remained on his contract. So the Seljuki will be forced to focus on the Ghazni instead of us. And then it will be easier to get it because the focus on the base is gone. Hope you have come back by then. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 97 In English Subtitles

I look forward to getting back to my eyes

Sir, as far as I understand. Your mind is something upset about Maria. Sorry, Mager is right about Avodokia. Can’t trust this girl again. Deogen, you keep an eye on the cantonment. I will see Maria in the matter. Rich bozan who got this curse from the Byzantines؟ Sultama, Baznians, managed to get it. Mager Alp Arcelan stopped the way, saying, “If not hand over it, you have to wash your hands”. Alp Arsalan on our land, how can our own man be captured by the rich bozan؟ Handing the lamb to me, the people of the Ghazni Empire are beneficial. Seljuki will then blow his leg in our personal case. Alp Arsalan’s rash is in front of everyone. If he takes it away from our occupation.

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