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Microsoft Defender is Getting An AI Upgrade

Microsoft Defender is Getting An AI Upgrade

The company’s risk IQ acquisition means the Defender will soon get a powerful AI core under its hood
Shortly ago, Microsoft bought an AI security company called Risk IQ, and then went silent about its purchase. Now, the company is set to show off what it’s building by introducing a new, AI-fueled version of Microsoft Defender.Kurulusosman

When Microsoft and Riskek come together

Microsoft is bringing Risk IQ technology to its free antivirus, Microsoft Defender, as seen by TechCrutch. This is the first time we’ve seen Microsoft doing anything with its Risk IQ purchases it made back in July 2021.
With the acquisition, Microsoft can put a core portion of risk IQ in defense for even better protection. Microsoft’s Vasu Jakkal briefed TechCrutch on what that means for antivirus: It’s not to say Microsoft is handing over the reins to AI and stop doing all the heavy lifting. Jackal said AI can currently cut data on attacks circulating around the internet, and present it to a human being so they can decide the best course of action to defend consumers.Microsoft Defender is Getting An AI Upgrade

AI: A new front for cybersecurity

Microsoft’s decision to invest in AI is a very solid one.. Right now, the AI-based technology battle continues between malware developers and antivirus researchers.
Malware developers are using AI to find their programs and improve their programs in an amazing way where they need to be attacked. And in response, cybersecurity experts are also using AI to detect patterns and flag malicious activity, before humans even realize something is fishy.
Similarly, Microsoft adding risk IQ to its defense program will help detect matters on the fly, without needing virus definitions. And if AI is the way to go for the future, Microsoft has managed to secure itself a huge asset for its defensive antivirus.

A more powerful defense

His risk IQ purchase by Microsoft now shows the fruit, defense is going to get a lot better. And given the risks going around online, maybe this is what the company needed.Microsoft Defender is Getting An AI Upgrade

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