Teskilat Season 2 In English Subtitles

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 35 In English Subtitles

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 35 In English Subtitles

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 35 In English Subtitles Hassan Sahib؟ Despite so many wounds, the tribes have returned؟ The wounds were opened along the way. Held has been delivered to the box. I see if allowed. Akcha woman. Why did Hassan leave before he got healthy؟ We don’t talk about ourselves, Manwa Pi Alp Arlan. How can I stay here after so much is said.

Immediately leave and attend the funeral

We couldn’t stop. God’s lily sir. We will try to get up by looking at you. Just relax, then Mill will take it. You also accept your condolences. Not easy. The heart is set to fire by hearing Shhor Sultana. Heaven be lucky. Amen, Akcha woman. Be safe. Wasporacan The death of Amir Bozan, which we know nothing about. We have no deficit. He can take the Alp Arcelan buzz but the whole world. Mager can’t raise his hand towards my lands.

Alp Arsalan has preferred Vasporakan all over the world sir

Alp Arcelan will never be able to get Vasporacan. As the king did, he can’t take Vasporakan. From our managed lands until taxes. Will continue to go to Constantinople, until then, Vasporakan Alp Arcelan will dream. Don’t know if it was found, or not. Sir. With Mr. Vali today. We went to the village of Nefrit where people could not pay taxes due to drought. And actually. They are at least connected to the king as much as you. Mager, they can’t do anything right now. What are the goals behind the ruthless person like you understanding their situation؟

Or are you guys the same race

Beware, don’t raise their hands. Will be the same with everyone. I don’t think this topic should be further enhanced. Of course, if you don’t want to spoil the relationship with the emperor. Condolences to you. .Allah Akbarullah Akbar La Al-Hallah Valla Akbar .Allah Akbar Willah Al-Hamad hold on. Let us taste this food first. .Leave me Until we fill our stomachs, let’s enjoy it again. How?- .Leave me- .Leave me Leave me – Don’t listen.- You are a Christian soldier.

And you are the intervening pastor in every case

It is good for us to close his mouth well. Don’t give up mercy and truth Put these ( ram and truth ) in your throat Write this on your heart plaque Then you will find grace and good intelligence in the eyes of God and the people Leave it. When will you stop interfering in matters that you don’t care about, my brother؟ I will end this oppression. Maro tribe What about the injuries in Bast and at the exchange point؟ All of them are being taken care of, Sultan, dear.

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 35 In English Subtitles

And whose condition is dangerous, they are in the healing tent. This cursed man arrested is Bozan’s special man. There should be immediate investigations tomorrow. All right, Alp Arslan. Immediately ⁇ We need to know how they knew our installed net. And with the help of which traitor they laid this trap. They will be healed, they will be shauddless. Your wound is not deep. He himself is wounding and tying the bandages on the wounds of others. May Allah be pleased with you. – Amen, Erbaskan sir.- Our wound is one, no matter what. Your color is yellow. please. Take care of your health.


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