Teskilat Season 2 In English Subtitles

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 44 In English Subtitles

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 44 In English Subtitles

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 44 In English Subtitles So we never get out, the rise. Khadr must have entered the left. Kamal Raees will besiege them from the sea. Soldiers. We should reach the fort as soon as possible.

The best captain of the Ottoman Empire.

Do you think that only so many ships will stop the Crusades؟ All the planes that move forward will be surrounded. They will destroy their ships. Braq will cut the chiefs and the perfection nobleman’s head. Prepare to attack all ships. Crusaders are moving towards us, Raees. If we move on, we won’t be able to get out of here. Tell all ships. We will go ahead and cut off their hands. This is to move towards the death of the Sonahata.If we let these ships pass

So thousands of our soldiers will be martyred

The ships will sink. The Ottoman Modon will not be able to conquer. In front of all this. Our lives are of no importance. We will cut off their hands. Even if it is not in return for our lives. All the ships in my command. Prepare to attackKamal Raees are moving towards the Crusaders. What are you trying to do, Raees Baba؟ Sacrifice yourself for us. Provide help to our ships as soon as possible,Turning your back is a different thing and hosting them among yourself is another thing.

We cannot leave the oppressor of the tyrant

Ducas under the oppression of the tyranny. Magger. It’s not okay to host them between you. And then the Turks are not the same؟ What will we say to the Turks when the news spreads؟؟ The Seljukites have always embraced the oppressed. Everyone can answer good. Migrar ( Original) Men are the ones who respond to evil for good, Annal Sir. We just have to listen to the voices of the complainants. General Dupas will not agree. Sooner or later, Sultan Mann will move.

Thank God we only took them with us who wanted to come with us

And did not force them. Let him retaliate. Of course, the Turks will taste the punishment. And if needed, like the base, by getting that place. Will make your homeland. Soon they will return to their homeland. .In Shallah It all happened because of you. I wish I didn’t come either.


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