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Tips On How To Avoid Banning Your AdSense Account

Tips On How To Avoid Banning Your AdSense Account

Tips On How To Avoid Banning Your AdSense Account It was in April 2019 when I started using AdSense, as it was a big part of money technology – building my blog.

For 2 years I earned up to 1 million PKR , and it doesn’t matter how we talk about, AdSense is still the best and highest paid online for every blogger This is one of the advertising sites.

I already shared tips on how to increase AdSense revenue,

but as I said, AdSense is very difficult for AdSense TOS, which means you have to take care of some things Let’s do it. We all know that getting AdSense approval is not easy and we need to do more work to make our AdSense account work.

Out of context but since 2011, when Google launched Google Panda, they’ve also made significant changes to AdSense’s quality guidelines. Specifically, in 2011 – 2012 we found that many Indian and Pakistani publications are banned in AdSense due to the extent of violation of  copyright and low quality sites.

Another major reason for the AdSense ban is wrong clicks, which is a completely important topic, and I’ll cover it with another article.Tips On How To Avoid Banning Your AdSense Account

Google AdSense is very complicated about policies and that’s why I installed a Global Translator plugin to save myself from getting banned from Google AdSense. These are the simple mistakes you and the Tips On How To Avoid Banning Your AdSense Account

AdSense publisher need to avoid getting banned:

Understand AdSense Tos and stop breaking AdSense policies
Click or non-right / wrong clicks

This is how most AdSense accounts enter the danger zone. Most publishers start out with AdSense often ask their friends to click on ads or click on their ads on different IP addresses. If the AdSense team detects any movement, it disabled your account for consumer protection.

Also, many new publishers ask their readers to suppress ads, which also discourages AdSense according to its police program.

Negative use of blog  unsupported language

At the time of writing, Google does not support all languages to qualify for the AdSense program. If you have an approved AdSense account, and use it to display a blog, in a language that is not eligible as described in AdSense TOS, you need to differ ASAP. If you use a method to make your blog more biased and present ads, it could be considered a violation. Here is a list of AdSense support languages. Many publishers posting ads on email have started the process.Kurulusosman

Sending AdSense ads within email

Sometimes it becomes a virus. Google considers it as opposed to the program’s policies.Tips On How To Avoid Banning Your AdSense Account

Advertising Label

Many publishers have begun using tricks like “click here”, “click to see hot babies,” etc., which have encouraged coercion. Encourage the fountains? time to look up point 4. AdSense  use notes to appear and readers should click to read content? There is no other one.

Advertising in a competitive context

Make sure you don’t use another ad program. Google AdSense should be your favorite advertising program. You can use many other ad networks to collect money, though. Here are some I use, and they comply with AdSense TOS.Tips On How To Avoid Banning Your AdSense Account.Tips On How To Avoid Banning Your AdSense Account

Changing the AdSense code

So are you – the creator’s program? No problem Google does not allow change in AdSense code. Image Test: Setting up the ad unit/units with attached image in Google AdSense Image can be a good and intelligent move, but guess what? Do this and Google AdSense can ban it. Google TOS does not allow remaining use of AdSense image ads in next image.

Read a little on Google’s official website

Hosting the right to publish content . If you drive through AdSense that distributes copyright movies, songs or other files, you’ll get an instant ticket. AdSense does not allow AdSense to be placed on a site that distributes copyright


Contacting a site that distributes law  illegal and copyright

This is something I learned in 2012. This is the main reason why most of the pages are banned from AdSense. If you are connected to pages like (broadcast technology), software-illegal or pirate-noodles, Cajun sites, your AdSense service may be disabled in that particular area.Tips On How To Avoid Banning Your AdSense Account

Here are other types of content not allowed on AdSense pages

Prostitution, mature material
Violent materials
Ethnic material
Gambling / Casino
Drug, alcohol selling pages (beer or hard liquor)
Pages for selling weapons and ammunition
Distribution of course work. Example: Students Essays
These are just the examples. There could be many others. Then, you should avoid putting anything like this on your blog – or at least avoid AdSense service on those pages.

Paying traffic

If you’re buying traffic to your pages linked to AdSense, it’s not allowed according to AdSense TOS. Also,

Advertising in your social media post or buying traffic in standard areas is not a violation.

Some ads look like a part of your site

mix your ads into your site content by changing the color or size, but don’t make them look like content.

Quick things to know

Don’t make AdSense ads sticky. It is against AdSense’s enforcement policy to give it more attention.

Using AdSense ads that produce YouTube, it can put your account on a banned rider. To avoid this, make sure your blog also has a background. A good idea is to add 200 – 300 words to your vocabulary that describe the evening.Tips On How To Avoid Banning Your AdSense Account

Don’t place advertisement ads on error page 404, exit pages, log in pages and thank you pages.Tips On How To Avoid Banning Your AdSense Account

Read More About Error Page 404


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