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Kurulus Osman and Mugge Anlı Dominate TV Ratings

Kurulus Osman and Mugge Anlı Dominate TV Ratings

Kurulus Osman and Mugge Anlı Dominate TV Ratings

Wednesday saw the unprecedented premiere of the 163rd episode of Kurulus Osman demonstrating the ongoing fascination with the show. This episode had an 18.68% viewing share and a 5.98% rating in the All Persons category. In addition to its 5.22% EU rating and 18.12% watched share in the 20+ ABC1 demographic, the show secured its position as the most viewed series across all categories with a 5.67% rating and 17.22% watched share.

Mashups on social media

The show’s popularity on social media is on par with its ratings dominance. Fans and social media users made #KurulusOsman a trending topic. The show’s consistently high ratings and success can be attributed to its captivating storyline and expertly executed production, which never let fans go.

Mugge Analı’s outstanding performance

In addition to the success of “Kurulus Osman,” the noteworthy performance of another TV programme, “Mugge Anlı,” also attracted attention. “Mugge Anlı” and “Sweet Hard” have become indispensable to the younger audience as part of the morning TV lineup. Regularly ranking as the most watched shows in their time slots, the shows continue to generate significant viewership.

Morning Show Ratings

Notable among them was “Mugge Anlı,” which commanded the largest worldwide viewing share. Impressively, the show’s ratings were 35.42% overall, 32.81% in the 20+ABC1 demographic, and 35.78% in the EU Social Status area. These figures not only prove that the show is the best in its time slot, but they also solidify its status as a top production, surpassing even certain prime-time shows.

Recurringly Fruitful

Mugge Anlı is highly esteemed by the network, and its consistent success demonstrates its audience connection. The programme’s dedicated fan base and high-quality content are the reasons why it consistently attracts large audiences and maintains excellent ratings. In the same vein, “Organisation Osman” continues to build upon its past, proving that a compelling storyline and high-quality production values can attract viewers repeatedly.

Final Decision

Both “Kurulus Osman” and Mugge Anlı have proven to be formidable forces in the realm of television ratings. ABC’s programming strategy has proven its success by attracting and retaining viewers across multiple demographics and time periods. As they maintain their position as top picks among viewers and set the bar for success in the television industry, these shows never fail to deliver top-notch entertainment.



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