Geometry Dash 2.2 vault codes

Geometry Dash 2.2 vault codes

In this post, we cover, as is printed here, the Geometry Dash 2.2 vault codes that open all secret levels and hidden paths for the rhythm puzzle game.

Geometry Dash is a place where users of Geometry Dash are accommodated tailored with heads, but our guide on how to open Geometry Dash 2.2 vault codes is here for you to relieve you from getting through those gates. At first, we didn’t find many of the codes because version 2.0 was the first one to add them, but each time we’d play through the game, we’d find more and more of them, and this is how we came up with this guide to help you uncover all those exclusive cool items.

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Geometry Dash 2.2 vault codes

Chamber of Time:

  • GIVEMEHELPER – Gatekeepers Cipher robot
  • BACKONTRACK – Gatekeepers Enigma spider

What are Geometry Dash vault codes 2.2?

The Geometry Dash vault codes are confidential passwords that the developer uses to renew items too cool to be found within the game itself – so you can win exclusive, new profile icons and ships and also swing sides (break-dancing moves) to get a better gaming experience. The developers seem to keep the codes under their sleeves and release new codes section in new version update.

Seems that, as a first of all, I should ask myself the main question: Where am I going to get to the Vault of Secrets?

By finding the Vault of Secrets through the lock on the top right corner of the directive menu, you can now see it in the field view. Among the requirement you’ ll need 50 diamonds to enter.

Through which lane will I be going in order to go into the Chamber of Time?

You need to go through a several steps to get into the Chamber of Time, but as you just find out, it is worth it as we’re here for you. Just follow these instructions to unlock this secret feature:Just follow these instructions to unlock this secret feature:

  • Do you have what it takes to be an unbeatable warrior? < Victory is yours!>
    Type in the code ‘the challenge’ to unlock the secret level (note: so it can be the issue – a bug in version 2.2.
  • Complete The Challenge
  • Step into the Unknown entrance just in the darkest corner of the Vault of Secrets during the day.
  • Unravel the riddle for each color – blue and green – which will unlock the corresponding lock type.
  • Choose the circular lock icon, then navigate to the “coming soon” section of the level selecting screen by
  • pushing the black box against the ground. It would be this one who would find the door hidden to the Chamber of Time.
  • Find the Master Emblem which is the hidden shop’s stock.

What key should I press to get into The Vault?

In its iteration, 2.0., RobTop Games introduced “The Vault”, which you can access through the padlock located at the second-level settings menu. You will come across the next level challenge only after obtaining ten user coins.

Thus, here we wind up the Geometry Dash 2.2 enigma code guide. Even though our selection of the best mobile and Switch games of the year 2023 is over, it’s only the beginning of the new year full of amazing titles.

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